Help! My New Furniture Stinks!

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: I bought a sofa and two chairs from [company redacted]. They were delivered within the timeframe agreed on. Two hours later, we couldn’t even go in the living room. The furniture reeked with a kind of chemical/dead animal smell. We opened the windows and doors and hoped it would go away. It’s been two weeks and it still smells awful. A representative came yesterday afternoon, opened one of the cushions, and declared, “There is no smell”. Well, actually there is, but do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? I couldn’t believe that guy. It does smell. Badly. -Sent by Cathy

Editor: I’m so sorry to hear that your new furniture, which you probably spent a lot of money on (and time picking out), are so smelly, and that the rep was so unhelpful! That sounds terrible. Readers, how should Cathy proceed, both in terms of getting rid of the smell and/or getting the company to cooperate? Thanks!

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