Before and After: HGTV’s “No Demo Reno” Takes a Kitchen and Den Out of the ’90s

published Jul 25, 2022
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Credit: HGTV

It took living in their new house for two years for Brittany and Jack to realize that it still didn’t feel like a home. The couple did some general updates on their own, but they turned to “No Demo Reno” star Jenn Todryk for help with the design details. In the latest episode of the HGTV series, Jenn gave their home (including the kitchen and living room) some functional and modern upgrades.

“Because we were only able to do cabinetry and floors, we didn’t get to touch on all of the details that make a house look like one cohesive space,” Brittany explained. 

With a $90,000 budget and an eight-week timeline, Jenn got to work. She started in the kitchen, which had the benefit of being a massive space with a floorplan that Brittany and Jack already loved. They were fond of the white cabinets and dark wood flooring, but they found the tan backsplash, black countertops, and yellow-brass hardware to be outdated. “We want to keep the character of the room, but update it about 20-25 years,” Jack said. The couple also requested that the two-tiered island be changed into one level, so that they could seat as many family members as possible directly in the kitchen space. 

Credit: HGTV

Jenn and her team removed most of the black countertops (leaving behind some on the small, free-standing island in the back) and replaced them with a creamy white stone. The new leveled-out large island space left enough room for seven people at the counter, so Jenn brought in dark wood chairs that matched the flooring. The white cabinet color had slight gold undertones, so Jenn realized that the backsplash couldn’t be made out of tile. Instead, she opted to use a shiplap-like wooden backsplash and paint it the exact same color as the cabinets. Jenn and her team removed all of the yellow-brass hardware from the cabinet doors and drawers, careful not to nick or crack the wood, and replaced them with warm orange-brass handles and knobs. She added hanging lights, plants, and wooden objects to bring “life to the space.”

Credit: HGTV

The new hardwood flooring in the kitchen extended right into the living room, giving the appearance of one open space. The living room/den was already in great shape and it mainly needed cosmetic upgrades. The room had a large white built-in storage space, featuring shelves that surrounded a large TV. 

Credit: HGTV

Jenn painted the built-in navy blue “to break up the sea of white in this space,” which instantly gave the room a cozier, more den-like feel. She carefully filled the shelves with a variety of objects, from books to plants to picture frames. Jenn recommended never filling two shelves that were right on top of each other with the same items, to keep the built-in from looking too uniform, and instead suggested spreading out the decorations. She also added a dark couch, light rug, accent chairs, and light curtains to the space. 

“I feel like it’s home, but it’s better,” Jack said. “It’s finished.”

“No Demo Reno” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.