This TikToker Installed a Disappearing Dog Gate, and Pet Owners Everywhere Will Want One

published Oct 21, 2022
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Credit: dezy/Shutterstock

If you like the idea of using dog gates, but the ones on the market are too bulky and ugly for your home’s aesthetic, TikTok shows that there’s a better solution.

TikTok user @littlehouseonalittleland has posted a video demonstrating how her pet gate can vanish by cleverly hiding in plain sight, and as a result, keeping her kitchen tidy from unnecessary clutter. In her clip, she pulls out what seems to be a dislodged part of her doorway, revealing it to actually be a fence hidden inside the wall. It then extends all the way to the other end, blocking the path of her two pups looking on in the background.

Once she’s finished with it, she simply pushes it back into its pocket, turning invisible again and leaving no visual mess, unlike most dog gates you see on the market.

Naturally, her followers got curious and asked where she bought it, to which she answered that it was custom-built. You can read about the entire process on her blog.

“It was the perfect solution because it didn’t mess with the existing electric or plumbing needed for that space!” she said, adding that, “this type of gate could be installed into an existing home.”

Her house also has other neat features, such as a baby gate that blends in with the staircase, looking classy instead of messy. Even better, she said that they built it using only leftover supplies.

Gve @littlehouseonalittleland and her parenting hacks a thumbs (or paws?) up!