“Home Depot Dating” Is TikTok’s Answer to Dating App Fatigue

published Feb 13, 2023
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Dating is always an adventure, but in the current digital era, it can feel like a minefield or a less fun version of whack-a-mole. If you’ve got swiping fatigue but you’re still hoping to find romance (it is still cuffing season, after all), TikTok has got you covered. With more than three million views and growing, “Home Depot dating” is taking the app by storm, as home project and DIY enthusiasts head to their favorite home improvement superstore in search of love in the lumber aisle.

The trend has been making the rounds since 2021, but it’s picking up steam again, perhaps because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Singles everywhere are flocking to the retail chain in hopes of finding “the one,” and it’s a low-key genius way to find like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for new bathroom fixtures or the perfect shade of wall paint.

Two years ago, SoCal resident Janna Tak shared her journey through Home Depot, in search of a “doer” to get things done with. (Apologies, but sometimes the bad puns are simply necessary!) In her clip, she explained she was “looking for a husband, Home Depot edition,” making her way through the aisles with her supersized orange cart, hoping to make a connection with an eligible bachelor.

No word on whether or not she found success, but the trend took off, with singles everywhere striking up conversations with fellow shoppers in the hopes of sparking a connection… or at least scoring some free advice about whatever home project they’re working on.

Some TikTokers think there’s a strategy involved to achieve optimal results, such as visiting the store in the early morning hours to spot the construction workers before they head off to work, or on Friday evenings to catch a glimpse at the shoppers motivated to start a new weekend project.

Others have solid pick-up lines for finding true love in the plant section, because nothing says romance like bringing home a new begonia or bamboo plant together.

Home Depot is even in on the joke, sharing adorable videos of their store mascots finding “love in unexpected aisles” and sweet HD-inspired date night ideas from their official TikTok account.

Some eligible singles are even spending all day at their local store in the hopes of finding true love, so you never know — you might come home with more than just the missing tool from your toolkit.