This TikToker Got Free Tools from The Home Depot (and You Can, Too)

published Nov 1, 2023
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collection of tools (hammer, ruler, level, pliers, measuring tape, screwdrivers) on a wood surface
Credit: Sarah Crowley

TikTok user @notmycarl has many in disbelief after he shared a now-viral hack wherein he’s able to take tools from The Home Depot for free.

“First thing is, you have to look through your dad’s old toolbox,” he says in a video with over three million views. “Look for any Milwaukee, Husky, Channellock, or Crescent Tools. These brands have a full lifetime warranty, and The Home Depot will honor it.”

He proves this to be true by gathering all his worn-out tools and heading to The Home Depot. There, he finds the exact same make and model. He adds, “Don’t worry if the tool you brought comes in a set. They’ll pull it out for you when [you’re] at checkout.”

Finally, he then instructs his viewers to take both the old and new tools, and head to the customer service desk. Some cashiers — like the one in the content creator’s video — might give you a hard time, so be patient. A manager who is more familiar with the lifetime warranty policy could be called in, and you’ll eventually get your swap.

And best of all? You don’t need a receipt, which means you can dig up old tools from the basement of your parents’ house and replace them with newer ones.

The exchange policy is so unbelievable, a lot of commenters deemed it too good to be true. So, in a follow-up video, he documented another trip to The Home Depot, where he successfully exchanged a set of tools, including a discarded measuring tape, for a new one.

Take note that the warranty doesn’t apply to all products. As @notmycarl mentioned, it mostly applies to hand tools from brands such as Milwaukee, Husky, Channellock, and Crescent. According to The Manual, items from DeWalt, Cobalt, Stanley, and others also offer similar exchanges. To be sure, it’s best to call the manufacturer first to ask about their policy before heading to your local store.