This Is the Bathroom Feature Buyers Want Most (Your Home Will Sell ASAP!)

published Jun 6, 2024
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L-shaped butcher block counters in a kitchen with no upper cabinets
Credit: Viv Yapp

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or you’ve got plans to renovate your space, being strategic about the features with the highest resale value will always pay off — in an ideal world. In reality, however, figuring out whether that costly bathroom appliance upgrade will actually pay for itself, or if you really need to replace your carpet floors isn’t always easy. Luckily, a new study is laying out which home features have the best resale value and are associated with the fastest-selling homes in the current market.

In a survey conducted in March 2024, home repair and maintenance app Frontdoor analyzed 112,456 home listings on Zillow for desirability by comparing the listings with a keyword list of 100 popular and trending home features — curated with the help of data from major home and garden publications. 

The company was able to see, on average, how long the homes with more desirable features took to sell. They then put together a definitive list of the features that can turn a prospective buyer who’s on the fence into a definitive one. Unsurprisingly, good lighting is an attractive trait for house shoppers, but you might want to reconsider that quartz or granite kitchen countertop for butcher block.

According to the study, having vanity lighting can be the ultimate draw for a quick sell, but there are other surprisingly practical features that buyers are on the lookout for over a nice tub or luxurious finishes.

Bathroom Features That’ll Sell a Home Quickest, Ranked

  • Vanity lighting (44 days)
  • Stone tile floor (45.5 days)
  • Deep soaking tub (53 days)
  • Sunken tub (53 days)
  • Walk-in shower (58 days)
  • Sauna (60 days)
  • Jacuzzi bath (63 days)

Kitchen Features That’ll Sell a Home Quickest, Ranked

  • Butcher block (49 days)
  • Farmhouse sink (53 days)
  • Marble countertop (54 days)
  • Granite countertop (55 days)
  • Waterfall countertop (55 days)

Living Room Features That’ll Sell a Home Quickest, Ranked

  • Open shelving (47 days)
  • Exposed brick walls (47 days)

The good news is that many of these attractive homebuyer features are pretty easy to DIY (adding the right lighting, for example, can be a fairly simple but super-effective decor hack to completely transform the vibe of a space) or won’t max out your renovation budget — even if you hire professionals. Plus, who needs a better excuse not to have to redo their kitchen countertop or bathroom tiles?