Home Stagers Pick 6 Items That Will Upgrade Your Closet for Less Than $5

published Jan 10, 2021
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Upgrading your closet is a fairly inexpensive project to do around the house. Sprucing up a smaller space tends to be quite manageable, too; you’re working with a smaller canvas, so there’s less to account for.

Whether you lack hanging space in your closet, need better spots to store your seasonal wardrobe, or just want to spice up your doors’ hardware, there are some easy fixes for making a closet look its best. Here are six closet staples that professional home stagers recommend you snag for less than $5.

Uniform hangers

From Target to Walmart, there are countless under-$5 options for plastic hangers. But according to Kim Williams, co-owner of KJ Design & Mortar Styling, you should transition to wooden or velvet ones since they’re more durable. Whichever you go with, just make sure they’re all uniform—it looks neater.

Tension rods

Purchasing extra tension rods is one of the simplest ways to expand your storage space—you can easily install one for overhead hanging. “It gives you more space and the ability to store clothes, while adding more interest to that space,” Williams says. “You could layer them to have some structure.” She recommends brass or gold tensions rods to add a pop of color.  

Hardware for closet doors

Whether you have bi-fold or French doors, one quick upgrade is trading out your closet doors’ hardware. From rectangular knobs to circle ones, adding new pulls can provide a custom look to your space. Williams says this texture—be it a pop of metal or color—can elevate your closet and make it feel luxurious. Local hardware stores or retailers like Lowe’s even have options under $3.

Storage bins

Whatever room you’re sprucing up, storage bins are always your best friend. “They give you the flexibility necessary to streamline your closet and make it easier for you to identify your items,” Williams says. Weave and fabric baskets and plastic and canvas bins help you add texture to your closet, which always adds interest to a space, Williams says. 

A scent diffuser

Who doesn’t want a fresh-linen-smelling closet without having to do laundry all the time? Scent diffusers are an inexpensive way to bring “a pleasant aura” to your closet, Williams says. “It also helps create a welcoming feel and a more interesting place to store your items,” she says. Walmart plugins and lavender sachets from Target are affordable options to create your sweet-smelling oasis.

Trim for around the doors

Adding trim around your closet doors can elevate the look of your humdrum closet. “It gives you flexibility without the added cost, and completely transforms your space,” Williams says. Trim is fairly inexpensive, too. You can get it at Home Depot—it can cost as low as $1.06 per linear foot.