The Specific Feature My Mom Always Looks for When Buying a Home

published Dec 8, 2022
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Before they settled into the house they’ve lived in for almost two decades, my parents moved around a lot. In doing so, they worked with several Realtors, heard lots of advice on finding a home from friends and neighbors, and honed their pro-and-con lists from move to move. If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Love It or List It”, you’re likely familiar with some of the popular wish list items: an ensuite bathroom, a big kitchen, a location close to downtown, an in-ground pool. While my mom formed her own list of wants (nice natural sunlight was always a must), one niche feature that she’d always look for in a new potential home was a window above the kitchen sink. While everyone else was house hunting, she was window shopping, if you will. 

My mom loves sunshine, so part of the reason for this want was having a guaranteed outlet for vitamin D in the kitchen. She also wanted to be sure anyone washing dishes would have a nice view, because as much as it may be a meditative task for some, dishwashing can really start to feel like a chore when you’re just staring at a wall. Looking out the window while sudsing up your plates can not only make the time pass more pleasantly, but can help you find joy in a mundane task

Her final reason for seeking a kitchen sink window had less to do with sunlight and more to do with being a mother of young children. Even when she had her back turned to the rest of the kitchen, she says, she could somewhat keep an eye on what was going on behind her in the reflection of the window. Moms, man! So whether we were sneaking some Halloween candy from the high-up cabinet, getting into an argument, or climbing on the counters, she could make sure we were safe and know when to interfere. 

Given that I am years away from buying a house or needing to monitor kids via window reflection, this specific feature isn’t at the top of my personal list. However, this advice introduced me to the concept of having a hyper specific-to-you wishlist when looking for a new home, whether its an apartment, condo, or single-family home. Whether its a window seat, built-in shelves, or a window in the shower, the dream feature of your future home can be whatever you want it to be.