HomeGoods Launched a Digital Decorating Service Based on Your Dreams

published Mar 30, 2022
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Dreams can be, well, bizarre. Sometimes they’re great. Sometimes they’re terrifying. But according to HomeGoods, dreams can always tell you what your subconscious is craving design-wise. The home decor retailer just launched a digital decorating service that analyzes your dreams and comes up with a mood board for a potential room redo.

Dubbed HomeGoods Dream Vibes, the platform first asks you to tell it about your dream, either in voice or text format. The 30-second/500-word limit helps you keep it brief and pull out all the most memorable bits.

You’re then prompted to answer a few multiple-choice questions on how you felt during and after your dream to further flesh out what your mind may be telling you. 

Finally, the platform “diagnoses” your subconscious with what you may be in need of, aesthetically. 

Tyler Cameron of “The Bachelorette” fame, for example, dreamed about having friends and family over for a party and the services said he should decorate his home based on the “Popcorn & Pjs, Please” dream board, which includes cozy features and inviting accents. 

And yes, bad dreams can also be plugged into the platform. If HomeGoods Dream Vibes senses a dream made you upset, fearful, or sad, it will recommend decor ideas that bring you back down to earth and comfort you. 

One such aesthetic is called “I Need a Hug,” and recommends you fill your space with warm neutrals, cozy textiles, and woven accents. 

So if you just woke from a dream that you can’t quite decipher, head over to HomeGoods Dream Vibes to get some help breaking it down and figure out what it may mean for the direction of your overall aesthetic.