These Candles Are the Perfect Gifts — And They’re on Sale Right Now

published Jun 28, 2023
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Burning candles near modern decorations
Credit: Martí Sans / Stocksy

I am of the mind that a good gift has nothing to do with how much you spend, and everything to do with the thought that goes into it. A gift with a special meaning or a touch of nostalgia just melts my core (I’m a sentimentalist at heart). That reason alone has made Homesick a brand that’s always on my radar when it comes time for a thoughtful gift, for anyone and any occasion.

Quick Overview

What’s So Great About Homesick?

Homesick sells candles, diffusers, and even car fresheners in more than 200 scents that range from the sentimental to the silly, like New York City, Central Perk, and even Barbie Dreamhouse. There’s also a big July Fourth sale right now where you can save up to 50%.

Why I Love Homesick So Much

Homesick is a home fragrance brand that aims to encapsulate the spirit of well-loved locations and moments with unique scent combos. The brand has a range of candles, diffusers, and car fresheners with more than 200 scents ranging from the specific and sentimental to the lighthearted and silly. You’ll find aromas that pay homage to cities and states, as well as simple memories like Ice Cream Parlor, and even iconic pop culture locations like a Central Perk candle inspired by the television show Friends. Most recently, the brand branched out with themed socks embroidered with cowboy boots and Champagne flutes to go along with their candles. 

Capturing the essence of something as broad as a state or as personal as a wedding day is no easy task, and not one Homesick takes lightly. For every location-based scent, the brand interviews locals to figure out what aromas make their home home and they get community feedback throughout the development process, too. The candles are made with natural soy wax, housed in a glass vessel, and finished off with a simple black and white label. Because of its simplicity, the candle works in any space and blends in with all sorts of decor. 

And yet, the candles are still reasonably priced; starting at just $38, they are wallet-friendly gifts. There are regular sales so you can stock up for future gifts — especially during the holidays. In fact, there’s a big July Fourth sale right now where you can save up to 50 percent on candles, diffusers, and more. 

I’ve given and received Homesick candles as gifts, and they’re a hit every single time. The scents don’t always smell exactly like my memories do, but they’re all unique and delightful nonetheless. And even though certain smells might not be perfect replicas for me, they might be for someone else. That’s the thing about memories — it would be impossible to create just one scent that speaks to the individual experiences we all have with different places and life events. 

The truth is more than just the scent — it’s the essence of the entire product that makes it such a sweet piece of nostalgia. There’s the New Job candle to congratulate your friend who just got promoted, the Tulum for your cousin who really needs a vacation, and the Fenway Park to win the favor of your baseball-loving boss. There’s even a Barbie Dreamhouse candle for anyone who grew up playing with the doll and can’t wait for the new movie to drop.

When I moved across the country, one of my friends gave me a New York City candle, with the names of our favorite city haunts, where we shared countless meals and laughs, engraved on the back. Oh, yes — Homesick lets you add a personal note (up to 130 characters) to any candle for an extra $15. Again, points for giftability! 

The candle channels scents of Central Park and fancy department stores, with notes of bergamot, lemon, jasmine, and concrete. Even though the smells I associate with NYC are more like the sticky sweetness of Nuts 4 Nuts on every street corner, laundry detergent wafting through vents, and the seasonal whiff of florals or crisp foliage, every time I light the candle, I smile because it reminds me of a cherished time of my life in a place I love. It could probably smell like manhole steam and street meat and I’d like it. Okay, that may be a stretch, but it’s truly just a confirmation that a Homesick candle will tickle the nostalgia and light up the heart of anyone you gift it to, too. 

Buy: Homesick Candles, starting at $19 (originally $38)