These Are the Hotel Items You Should Avoid Using, According to a Manager

published Jun 18, 2023
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Woman sitting in bed at hotel eating breakfast in bed room service
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A former hotel manager named Melly has revealed the two items you must avoid while staying at travel accommodations. In her TikTok video, she says that you should not use the coffee machine and the refillable bathroom toiletries.

Here’s why. For the coffee machine, housekeeping may rinse its water reservoir, but will likely not clean the tube system. This means that if previous occupants brewed liquids other than water — for instance, milk — then residue could be curdling inside and contaminate your drink. Some of her followers also pointed out that bodily fluids could have also been poured inside the appliance.

The same hygiene concerns apply to the refillable bathroom toiletries. According to Melly, there are mischievous guests who fill the bottles with bodily fluids and even harsh chemicals like the hair remover Nair. She advises that you only use refillable containers that have locks, otherwise, just bring your own soap and shampoo.

In an earlier video, she noted that ice buckets should be avoided too (so that makes it three items to steer clear of now), because a lot of people treat it as a puke bucket.

Others who have worked in the hospitality industry also gave their own advice in the comments section:

“I worked at a resort and watched the housekeeper wipe the toilet then use that same rag to wipe off the coffee pot! I’m still disgusted.”

“As a former housekeeping manager at Disney, I also NEVER use glass cups in rooms. Also, immediately search for bed bugs before settling in.”

“I was a hotel housekeeper for three weeks. They told me to just remake the beds, not strip them. I don’t trust hotels at all.”