House Call: Peggy’s White and Light

updated Jun 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Peggy Wong of Blue Pool Road
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Size: 800 square feet
I met Peggy a couple of months ago at a blogger meet up in Venice. She was introduced to me as a former art director at Martha Stewart and she gave me her card for the company she’s started on her own, Blue Pool Road. When I got home and looked up her work, I was amazed: Light, simple, graphically subdued but in no way boring. Then I saw her house.

Peggy’s house is light and white and full of beautiful simple moments: flowers on the table, a great salon style art hanging, crisp white sheets, plenty of negative space (even in a small space). She mixes old and new in a totally modern way, working in flea market finds with family heirlooms. It’s so in line with the work she does on paper that you know she just oozes style no matter what she’s doing.

On her Living and Dining Room:
“If I have to pick one thing that I’m passionate about of our home is definitely the living + dining room space. The natural light that comes through is amazing. The Nelson’s Sunflower clock is really the only piece of artwork (at least we consider that as artwork!) that connects the two rooms together. “

On artwork:
“My dining table is a place where I display my 3-dimensional art pieces. I always have at least one Noguchi lamp on the table, but right now, I’m loving the pair together, again playing with proportions. The accent pieces I’m currently using on the table are Chinese antique teapots (also family heirlooms), and I like to mix it up with a very clean + modern teacup.”

“All the artwork, pottery, antiques/family heirlooms, and even lamps! get rotated every few months. I don’t believe in displaying everything at once, they all deserve their own little time in the spotlight – it just makes it that much more interesting to look at and to live in. “

(Picture 4)
“There are tons of family heirlooms/Chinese antique pieces here on the wall. Two of them are antique gilded wooden plaques that were used to decorate door frames. I grew up with lots of antiques when I lived on the actual Blue Pool Road in Hong Kong, so they are very close to my heart. (Hence, my stationery line is called bluepoolroad!) Other pieces on the wall I found at flea markets, antique + thrift stores. The signed pochoir and ink drawing of Chanel No. 5 is by SEM (Georges Goursat Sem). I bought it with all the cash I had in my wallet from an owner of a bed + breakfast in Malibu. The large floral painting is a thrift store find. It’s by Jon Helland, an American modernist who is known for his clown series paintings. When displaying artwork I love playing with different proportions, and I love that the floral painting is the biggest piece on the wall, it really anchors all the other ones around it.”>

Thanks for sharing your home with us, Peggy!

Photographs: Benny Chan

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