A Baroque Lover's Maximalist Buenos Aires Home

A Baroque Lover's Maximalist Buenos Aires Home

Federico Paul
Oct 11, 2017

Name: Patricia Lopez
Location: San Isidro — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years, owned

When Patricia got divorced she did it her way: She left him the house and went looking for a new place where she could unleash her extravagant taste and decorate free from compromises. You see, Patricia's personality has always been strong. Born into a family of artists, she tried rebelling against her parents by attending college to become an attorney. But eventually, she discovered her love for art could not stay concealed.

She began a life dedicated to learning about art and interiors, which would take her through many endeavors. Her first job was as a restaurateur's apprentice. With him she learned about finishes and woods, from prehistoric furniture to contemporary Italian design. Then, while studying interior decoration she became friends with a colleague and together they taught workshops (way before they became cool!). She then started working with clients.

"I like getting to know the history of my clients, the way they dress, the colors they choose. I like thinking that there's an educational side to it. I guide them, teach them how to see beauty. But I don't like to impose; I'm not a diva. My approach is to always respect their individual taste. One thing is for sure: They know my style and won't ask minimalism from me!"

Now that she has created this magical abode, she's found ways to share it with the world and foster creativity. She organizes art events, wine tastings and fashion shows for small brands. "I feel that I've created a hive where interesting minds gather amidst the craziness that's out there. A world inside our world."

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I'm eclectic; I like mixing lots of different things. One thing for sure is that I love drama.

Inspiration: I like the ephemera; I like to build something knowing that it'll last a day or two. I like to get inspired by paintings and movies, like Botticelli's spring or Almodovar. I like stepping into the bizarre. I don't like being a part of the bunch.

Favorite Element: I love the light filtered by the greenery. It adds such an atmosphere; it's like a cocoon. It feels like submerging yourself into the house.

Biggest Challenge: I get bored by technology; choosing radiator systems was a nightmare!

What Friends Say: They have mixed reactions about the walls being so dark. But they love the atmosphere, the energy that you breathe here — they use a lot the word magic.

Biggest Embarrassment: When I moved here I wanted the floors to be white, but the painter did a terrible job and it began chipping everywhere! I ended up re-polishing it and applying a wood stain.

Proudest DIY: It is for sure my bedroom floor. I painted it black and applied a golden floral stencil that I designed. I can't even count the hours I spent on all fours, but I love it!

Biggest Indulgence: The way I live my life, how I enjoy things. Allowing myself to put feathers on a lampshade, for instance.

Best Advice: I find that young people wants to belong, follow trends, own anything that's IN at the moment. They do it because they feel safe there. Your house should be a reflection of yourself, your ancestors, your trips, your happiness and also your pains. Don't go around changing things because they're out of fashion. Because painting outside the lines implies risk; it can go wrong. But I prefer taking the leap; there's always time to fall back.

Dream Sources: Family heirlooms, brocantes and travel.


Greek sculpture — Reproduction from the MoMA
Art — Made by friends and family
Humpty Dumpty toy — Family heirloom
Feather table lamp — DIYed
Coffee table — DIYed with old computer motherboards

Dinnerware — Flea market finds
Sculptures — Restored by Patricia

Floral mural — Hand painted by Patricia

Chest of drawers — English antique find

Green nightstand — Recycled by Patricia
Cabinet — Moroccan antique find
Embalmed hawk — Bought in St. Turenne's fair in Paris

Thanks, Patricia!

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