The “Ralph Lauren’s Son Returning from Study Abroad in Stockholm” Apartment

updated Feb 19, 2019

The “Ralph Lauren’s Son Returning from Study Abroad in Stockholm” Apartment

updated Feb 19, 2019
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Square feet
Sq ft

Name: Elijah Clark-Ginsberg
Somerville, Massachusetts
450(ish) square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, rented

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Elijah, a well-traveled marketer and designer, moved into his beautiful one-bedroom rental in Somerville two years ago. This West Coaster turned East Coaster now draws design inspiration from the collegiate, preppy feel of the New England area, and his love for international travel.

The large apartment building was built in 1935, and has those old-world details Elijah was initially drawn to — steam radiators, a clawfoot tub, and beautiful moldings. “I think my apartment provides the perfect blank slate for my style — an eclectic mix that draws inspiration from New England as well as the places I love to visit, like Stockholm and Berlin,” he says.

Since his family is originally from pre-war Germany, his home holds a real sense of history; many personal heirlooms passed down through generations are thoughtfully folded into his decor. Playful, modern touches and Americana balance out the old-world history, and this self-proclaimed millennial strikes the perfect balance of youthful energy with pre-war charm.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Ralph Lauren’s son returns from study abroad in Stockholm.

Inspiration: I get a lot of inspiration from Boston and the whole preppy aesthetic here, even though I’ve traded in my Bean boots for a pair of Stan Smiths. I love the Boston Athenaeum because of how bright and full of historical details and pieces it is, all without feeling stuffy — I’d live there in a heartbeat. I get inspired a lot when I travel too. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Scandinavia lately, so there’s bits of that too.

Favorite Element: The light. I love how bright it is and the patterns it makes in the afternoon and evening.

Biggest Challenge: The walls of my apartment are apparently Bisquick held in place with paint, so any project involving hanging something on the walls is a nail-biter. There’s a hole almost as big as my fist hidden behind my curtains from when the wall crumbled as the curtain rod was getting screwed in.

What Friends Say: I think literally everyone has asked what my rent is. Most have something nice to say too, but everyone wants to know what I pay.

Biggest Embarrassment: Almost everything is held up with Command hooks, which isn’t a cute look even when they work. Once or twice things have spontaneously fallen on or near guests. Other times I’ve woken up thinking someone was breaking in, only to find that a picture had just jumped off the wall. Some things are crooked but so tenuously attached to the wall that I’m afraid to touch them to straighten them.

Proudest DIY: The pegboard, for sure. It was 50% a fun project, 50% a total pain in the butt, but it’s one of my favorite parts of my apartment now

Biggest Indulgence: I’m a bit of a brand whore [can I say whore?] and nowhere is that more evident than in my kitchen. I love my All-Clad pans and Wüsthof knives, even though I know I could have gotten something 80% as good for like half the price.

Best Advice: Buy cheap, buy twice

Dream Sources: I wish I could scour estate sales and vintage stores but that would probably require 1) not being super lazy, 2) having a truck or something, 3) not being the world’s worst driver…so not gonna happen.

Thanks, Elijah!

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