A Super Cozy Home in an 18th Century Dutch Warehouse

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Super Cozy Home in an 18th Century Dutch Warehouse

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Anne and Coen
Location: Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Size: 1,367 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, owned

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The old city of Dordrecht is filled with many quaint buildings, like a warehouse built in 1750 that was used to store bed sheets and towels for a nearby hospital (that has long since disappeared). Unlike the hospital, the warehouse is still around but is now home to Anne and Coen. Four floors of history, with characteristic wooden beams and arched windows as well as interesting nooks and crannies. When Coen and Anne bought it last year, they felt fortunate to be able to move right in. The former residents had done all the heavy lifting in terms of renovation…and they did an excellent job! The warehouse has been remodeled to fit the demands of modern-day living while preserving as many original elements as possible. It was absolutely worth it. Entering one room after another, the couple’s guests always revel in the details and the cozy atmosphere.

Another distinct feature of this home is the location of the rooms. The first floor contains a large entry as well as a big kitchen with dining space. The second floor holds the bathroom, toilet and two bedrooms. It’s rather unusual for a Dutch house to have its living room on the third floor, but such is the case in this unique home. The living room is very spacious and takes up most of the third floor. On the fourth and top floor one can find the master bedroom and also where the roof terrace can be accessed. The latter is especially welcome since there is no yard or garden. But living smack dab in the middle of the historic city center more than makes up for it.

Anne and Coen love to travel. Experiencing different cultures (especially their crafts and fabrics) is a huge source of inspiration. Looking around the couple’s interior you can spot beautiful keepsakes from their various journeys. A nice bonus is that they all have a story to tell.

When Anne started decorating their new home, it was her intent to create a warm and diverse atmosphere. She also wanted it to have lots of personality, reflecting its inhabitants. While it’s still a work in progress, anyone who visits can wholeheartedly agree: mission accomplished.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Vintage, with an extra accent on boho, industrial and French.

Inspiration: I am very much inspired by what I see around me. Interior magazines actually make me feel restless, because they are very trend-driven. I really like to travel and often encounter many beautiful materials during our trips. I would love to take them home for our interior. The different cultures also inspire me. It’s an aspect I would like to materialize in our home: to create a diverse, warm and open appearance.

Favorite Element: The wooden beams seen throughout the house. They add so much warmth. Left and right one can spot an orange streak. Very authentic.

Biggest Challenge: The entry on the first floor is rather big and for a year now it has aggregated shoes, paper waste and other clutter. We’re still mulling over how to create extra storage. In fact, our home has relatively little storage space. We also have two kinda smallish bedrooms that we still have to shape. One day we think it should be a home office, the next day perhaps the guest room. Oh well, who knows what the future holds!

What Friends Say: “It’s a genuine Anne house!”

Biggest Embarrassment: Coen and I managed to drown an 80-year-old, two-meter high (6.56 feet) cactus. In six months. Such a shame since it was the first item we purchased together.

Proudest DIY: The cove. Not spectacular, but it’s a great place to display our souvenirs.

Biggest Indulgence: I would say the cactus was a real treat. Coen wanted it so badly. And I thought it was quite a masculine addition to our home. We have also dragged all sorts of stuff from abroad. I lost track of how we were able to haul it all in our backpacks when we were in Indonesia this summer (like a mask and a wicker basket). But it feels extra special. I’m also very pleased with the butcher’s block. It took forever to find, but in the end we were able to buy it from a bar owner.

Best Advice: Show personality in your interior. It needn’t be a grand gesture. And I’m also not referring to photographs per se. Just show what you love. If it’s something you like, the whole will inevitably become a unit. If you like to cook, you can display a few books in a pleasing arrangement in your kitchen. I think books tell a lot about a person anyway.

Dream Sources: Depot Rotterdam


White with a tiny bit of gray, so it wouldn’t be snow white. Manufacturer: Wijzonol.

Vintage cabinet – thrift shop
Vintage umbrella holder – found in my parents’ attic

Sofa – wonenmetlef
Ottoman – wonenmetlef
Vintage rattan umbrella holder – retirement home
Cushions – Dutchbone, H&M Home, Sissy-Boy Homeland
Candle – Sissy-Boy Homeland
Candle holder – Things I Like Things I Love
Cognac leather lounge chair – Loods 5
Rug – Sissy-Boy Homeland
Flowerpot – thrift shop
Cactus – local garden center
Bulb table lamp – Jet de Bruijn
Vintage radio – antique shop
Pink throw – Sissy-Boy Homeland
Red vintage vase – gifted by Anne’s mother
TV unit – made by Coen and Anne’s father
Hogweed branch – from a field
Green desk lamp – Storebror
Basket – Loods 5
Monstera plant – Intratuin
Vintage coffee table – thrift shop
Lamps – IKEA
Old chest – Van Gijn Huis
Green vintage armchairs – heirlooms
Rattan basket – from Marrakesh

Butcher’s block – secondhand
Cheese/cutting board – Loods 5
Red radio – from Anne’s father
Dining table – made by Coen and Anne’s father
Dining chairs – secondhand from France
White cabinet – from Anne’s mother’s grandfather
Postcard rack – found in Anne’s parents’ attic
Bulb lamp – Stoersnoer
Fridge – Smeg
Coffee machine – La Pavoni
Coffee grinder – La Pavoni
Shelf unit – Tomado
Tableware – Sissy-Boy Homeland, from Marrakesh, HKliving, thrift shop

Bed – IKEA
Nightstands – secondhand
Sheepskin – IKEA
Window coverings – Cela Woonwereld
Bamboo basket – IKEA
Arc floor lamp – Loods 5
Red floor cushion – from Istanbul

Peshtemal towels – from Istanbul and Marrakesh

Thanks, Anne and Coen!

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