A Creative Couple’s Echo Park Home of Thrifted Treasures

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Creative Couple’s Echo Park Home of Thrifted Treasures

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Square feet
Sq ft

Name: Jenn Pablo and Paco de Leon and Dauphine, their dog
Location: Echo Park, California (Los Angeles)
Size: 1690 square feet
Years lived in: 9 years, renting

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Paco and Jenn actually met when they were just kids at a birthday party, and ended going to the same high school. Later they became best friends and eventually, Paco and Jenn fell in love. How they came to live together in this house is an interesting story, as well. Jenn moved into this Echo Park apartment nine years ago with a roommate. Paco moved in a year later, using what is now the living room as her bedroom. Through the various roommates, house parties and changes in the house, Paco and Jenn remained. The couple was recently married in Thailand, and have carved out a beautiful home and creative space out of this rental to call their own.

“I run a consulting firm called The Hell Yeah Group. I help creatives with understanding finance. We’re pretty social and active in the communities we belong to. In addition to my business, I’ve been building a non-profit called Allies in Arts with my friend, Drew Denny. I’ve been playing in bands almost non-stop since I was 17. It’s getting harder, but I still make time to play and write music,” says Paco.

“Outside of running Twofold LA, I’ve been doing a lot of photography. I’m still working on figuring out exactly what I love to shoot, but the process has been really fun. We spend a lot of time connecting with new people and staying connected with our friends. The people in the communities we belong in are really important to us so supporting what they’re doing means going out and being part of the local culture — the art that’s being made, the music that’s being made, the experiences that are being curated,” says Jenn.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Jenn: With interiors, I actually don’t really have a specific style. As an interior designer, I spend my days designing for so many different clients with varied taste; I appreciate so many different aesthetics. The only common thread with style is that it must be tasteful. Sometimes I just feel drawn to objects and there isn’t really a reason that I can explain.

Inspiration: Jenn: I’m inspired by everything. Nature, fashion, art, architecture, music.

Paco: All of our experiences inspire me. Different experiences allow us to feel different things. With a space, I think it’s important to be in touch with that — how things within the space can impact how you feel or how certain feelings can be stirred up by seemingly unrelated things. We do a lot of work from home, so it’s really important that the space can lend itself to that.

Favorite Element: Jenn: The character of craftsman architecture. I love the built-ins and the porch.

Biggest Challenge: Jenn: The lighting. We only get a short amount of natural sunlight

What Friends Say: Paco: They love the vibes. We host a lot; we used to throw a huge Halloween party every year — like 450 people in our backyard. Even now, 100+ people coming through is normal for us. So our friends just love that we are willing to throw down like that.

Biggest Embarrassment: Paco: The giant dirt patch in the front yard that should be a giant garden.

Proudest DIY: Jenn: We assembled the light fixture in our dining room. It’s a Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier.

Biggest Indulgence: Jenn: Lucite Eiffel chairs in our dining room from Mod Shop.

Best Advice: Keep it simple. Don’t over do it. Find the balance between utility and design.


We have a lot of paintings from our friend, Anne-Louise Ewen. She is a painter and a fine artist. We love her and that she is spreading her philosophy through art.

Desk – Vintage
Boob Light – Vintage
Slipper Chair – Vintage
Moroccan Table – Etsy
Art – Gold leaf portrait of Dauphine – Anne Louise Ewen
Butterfly – Flea Market
Hamburger Piggy Bank – Target

Sofa – Vintage
Lounge Chair – Vintage
Coffee Table – Vintage
Shelving – Ikea
Bamboo Side Tables – Vintage
Table Lamps – Vintage Etsy
Monkey art — Anne Louise Ewen
Bouquet art — Anne Louise Ewen
Pink Floyd – Flea Market
Rug – Flea Market
Floor Lamp – Vintage
Pillows – Ikea
Pendant — Ikea
Jenn found the big yellow lounge chair in our living room on the street one day. At the time, she was driving a little two-door Honda and she somehow managed to get the chair in the car and all the way home.

Dining Table – CB2
Dining Chairs – Mod Shop
Jute Rug – Overstock
Console Table – Ikea
Glassware – Vintage
Art – Flea Market / Anne Louise Ewen
Chandelier – Lindsey Adelman
Paco: I have a pretty healthy record collection considering I’m not a DJ. I was digging through storage at my parent’s house when I was a teenager and found all their albums; I went out and got a record player so I could start listening to them. After that I was hooked. Before there was Spotify, buying music on CDs or albums was a lot easier than downloading. I would just hit the thrift store and buy whatever piqued my curiosity.

Bed – West Elm
Nightstands – Ikea
Lamps – Home Goods
Vanity Mirror – Vintage
Suzani — Ebay
Vanity – Ikea
Art – Anne Louise Ewen / Art.com
Rug — Surya

Daybed – Custom
Shelving — Ikea
Rug – Target
Art – LA Gun Club / Photograph of Dauphine by Jenn
Painting – Natalie Lawler
Desk – Vintage

Thanks, Paco and Jenn!

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