A Florist & Woodworker's Nature Chic Home

A Florist & Woodworker's Nature Chic Home

Mackenzie Schieck
May 24, 2017

Name: Ryan and Teressa
Location: Sumner, Washington
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned

When I arrived at Teressa and Ryan's sweet, light-filled house, it came as no surprise to see the couple does natural chic like the pros that I already knew they were. Teressa is the owner of a floral design company for both special events and everyday flower delights. Ryan is a teacher by day and quite the woodworker in his off hours. It's easy to see both these creative influences throughout the home.

Downstairs is a mix of vintage pieces with satisfying threads of greenery and natural woods. Bold elements mix right in (like those striped dining room curtains). But as you move upstairs, everything gets lighter — ethereal, even. A faint peach wall color in the master bedroom is complemented by nearly all-white bedding. A similarly soft look is in their toddler and baby's room.

There were so many corners I would have loved to cuddle in throughout their home — even the bathroom with that hanging plant. Give me a pillow, and I might just crawl into that empty tub and stay awhile.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: We love to put found items to use in functional, beautiful, and thoughtful ways. We like to use the things we own, so, if we fall in love with something vintage or random, our rule is that it must have a purpose and it must make sense. Otherwise, the stuff stays "stuff" and just collects dust. This has helped us streamline our belongings and allowed us to stay in such a small space without it feeling cramped. In a few words, effortless, graceful and thoughtful.

Inspiration: Negative space. To show off all the hand-made imperfection of nature. And to give each object its own moment.

Favorite Element: We love that everywhere we look in this tiny space, a blend of our taste and our stories as individuals and as a married couple is represented. While some pieces might be purchased from a retail store, nothing feels generic or transitional, or just plain old "vanilla." Yet at the same time, there is continuity and everything looks like it just belongs.

Biggest Challenge: First, the size and poor lighting of the kitchen. Second, containing the energy of children. Third, hosting guests. All this boils down to it being a small house. Our heartbeat is to host people. So, space is a serious issue. We're certainly not the "come over to our house to watch a movie" house. But we are the good food, and good conversation house (which we prefer).

What Friends Say: I get asked to help friends with their places as a result of this home. I also got asked to do a boudoir photo shoot in our bedroom because the client loved the look and mood of the home. My favorite compliments to date: "This place is so friendly... so YOU! It's a happy little home." "This is my favorite place to be in all the world that I've visited."

Biggest Embarrassment: Seating more than four in the living room is sometimes embarrassing because while we might be able find places to sit, it never looks comfortable. I always feel bad about that. Also, the size of my working studio. I'm personally very proud of it and love working in it, but to the untrained eye, it doesn't look like much.

Proudest DIY: The whole place is DIY! Ryan made everything that's cool in this house. We are a good team — I have the vision, he has the execution. I love the wooden wall in the kitchen, the driftwood antlers we made from combing the beach, the walnut-wrapped cabinet, and of course, the built-in bookcase. We did all of those as a team.

Biggest Indulgence: Refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs.

Best Advice: There will always be something you like. In order to buy it, and bring it home, it needs to be very special.

Dream Sources: All the independent makers that I keep finding on Pinterest. But if I could partner with Katie Hackworth with H2 Design + Build I'm sure we could do some serious damage with finishes and furniture. Otherwise, Italian, French, and Moroccan flea markets.


Chairs — Vintage family heirlooms
Cage Lights — Roost
Striped Curtains — Pottery Barn
Side table — Base Second Use.
Wood wrapping — Ryan
Shelves on wall— Ryan
Botanical Print — Frida Clements
Brackets — Anthropologie

Articulating Lamp — Roost
Sofa — West Elm
Chair — Garage Sale
Military green rack — my dad found it on a dump run (it used to be used for mechanic shop)
Bookcase — Ryan
Coffee Table — Thrift store
Curtains — Ikea

Basket for tree — Target
Area rug — west elm
Linen shams — Room and Board
Round mirror — Ikea
Side Tables — Ryan

Area rug — west elm
Crib — Ikea
Children's bookcase — Ikea

Pot rack — Enclume
Shelving unit — Ikea
Built-in storage — Ryan

Thanks, Ryan and Teressa!

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