A Lovely Little LA Nook for Two Roommates

updated Feb 7, 2019

A Lovely Little LA Nook for Two Roommates

updated Feb 7, 2019
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Name: Lucia and Paige
Location: Highland Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, rented

Roommates Lucia and Paige have a decorating motto when it comes to treasures from thrift stores: If you want it, you get it! That’s how they were able to create a pretty home even though they don’t have a big budget. The roommates say they complement each other perfectly: Paige is good at solving problems and Lucia is the handy one. Whenever Paige has a decorating idea, Lucia is already searching YouTube for how to do it!

Lucia is from Argentina (and brought her love of plants) and Paige is from Iowa (and has grown to love plants, too), and the two became friends the moment they met. And although they love to live together and this apartment, not everything is perfect: Plugging the heater and the toaster in at the same time isn’t possible if you want to keep the lights on, and don’t bother to close the doors because…they don’t stay closed! Still, when you live with the right person, you can laugh these these things off, as these two do. One thing’s for sure, they both agree that this is the first time they feel at home, and have worked together to make it beautiful and special.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Eclectic, open visually and simple.

Inspiration: We love to look everywhere and take mental pictures…We love to find things. Pinterest.

Favorite Element: The plants and the blue lamp in the living room.

Biggest Challenge: It was hard to decide where to put the couch in the living room. The heater is in the middle of the wall and makes it impossible to put furniture there, so we tried to take it out, but it was not possible. That’s why we decided to put the sofa in the center of the living room and it turned out good.

What Friends Say: They say it’s a nice surprise coming in…You don’t expect to see this interior because the flat is not that nice.

Biggest Embarrassment: The bathroom! It needs renewal.

Proudest DIY: The bar in the living room. There was just a hole in the wall and we thought something was missing. So we went to IKEA and bought the counter top and it fit in perfectly.

Biggest Indulgence: The big lamp in the living room.

Best Advice: Go to thrift stores.

Dream Sources: Anthropologie and flea markets.


Coffee table — Thrift store
Couch — Thrift store
Side Table — Thrift store
Blue Lamp — gift from a friend.
Bamboo chair — Found on the street.
Blue stools — Ikea
Bar board — Ikea
Wooden chairs — Ikea
Lamp — Thrift store
TV cabinet — Thrift store
Rattan decoration —Thrift store
Pottery — all Paige

Shelves — Made by Paige
Yellow and red pots — Target

Side tables — stools from Ikea
Macrame — Made by Lucia
Bed — Ikea
Planters — Made by Paige
Desk — Target
Chairs — Thrift store
TV cabinet — Ikea
Bedsides Lamps — Target
Pottery — Lucia
Silver lamp — from a friend
Lamps — Home Depot
Shelving — from a friend
Carpet — Urban Outfitters
Vintage luggage — Thrift store

Thanks, Lucia and Paige!

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