A Minimal & Modern Dutch Home with a View

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Minimal & Modern Dutch Home with a View

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Con and Miep
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Size: 1,614 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years, owned

When Con and Miep got married thirteen years ago, they both sold their apartments and moved together to one of the high-rises in Eindhoven’s city center. Con loves color, and Miep’s furniture before she was married mostly consisted of black and white. Thankfully, they both love modern design, and were pleasantly surprised by how great their furniture merged. The home they’ve shared for over a decade is a polished, contemporary space. And the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the view.

Located in the south of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is its fifth-largest city. Dutch tech company Philips originated here, and because it started out as a lamp manufacturer, Eindhoven became known as the “City of Light.” In Con and Miep’s apartment, just about every room offers a fantastic view to the city below. And being up high means their home is quiet and peaceful, despite being amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city center. Miep smiles: “It’s so nice to be smack in the middle of town, with restaurants and shops around every corner.”

Sprinkled around the smartly appointed space are decor items they’ve picked up from their travels. But most of their possessions took longer to acquire. “Sometimes it feels we’ve been searching for a specific item forever,” says Miep, “but we must really really love a piece before we decide to add it to our interior.” When Miep and Con make a purchase, they intend it to last forever.

A great example are their dining chairs. Designed by Marcel Breuer and produced by Thonet, they’re a timeless design made of steel, wood and cane. And Miep bought them in 1975! “The quality is outstanding. Would you believe we only recently had to replace the cane-work seats? That was just two years ago!” she grins.

If Miep has one piece of advice when it comes to decorating, it would be to choose quality over quantity. Good craftsmanship goes a long way.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Modern with colorful accents.

Inspiration: Magazines, (modern) furniture shops.

Favorite Element: The dining chairs!

Biggest Challenge: Keeping plants alive on the balcony due to the excess of wind.

What Friends Say: It depends on whether they’re visiting for the first time. Generally, they like the interior (unless modern decor isn’t their cup of tea). However, the view will always be the main attraction and everyone tends to flock to the windows.

Biggest Embarrassment: Can’t really think of anything. We’re just happy with our home.

Proudest DIY: Con made the bathroom and we love the result!

Biggest Indulgence: The Pastoe cabinet in the kitchen.

Best Advice: Quality before quantity. Follow your heart instead of trends: If you love a piece, it will last.

Dream Sources: Various shops in and around Eindhoven like Domus, Do’s Interiors and Donjon. So far there’s no reason to purchase it, but Eileen Gray’s side table is just lovely.


Red sofa — Tango from Leolux
Wire lounge chairs — Volare from Leolux
Coffee table — Gispen
Cushions with African print — Vlisco
Wall storage — Banz Bord
Floor lamp — Raak (vintage)

Dining chairs — S 32 for Thonet
Dining table — custom-made
White cabinets — Artifort

Dining set — Leolux
Cabinet with roll-top door — A’dammer from Pastoe
Tableware — Edme from Wedgwood
Bird of paradise watercolor painting — heirloom from Miep’s aunt

Lounge chair — Pallone from Leolux
Sleeper sofa — PS LÖVÅS from IKEA
Cabinets with roll-top door — A’dammer from Pastoe

Thanks, Con and Miep!

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