A Modern Dutch Home with a Cozy Country Atmosphere

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Modern Dutch Home with a Cozy Country Atmosphere

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Huberdine Verhoeven, Bertie, and their daughter Evy
Location: Drunen, the Netherlands
Size: 1,647 square feet
Years lived in: 11 years, owned

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Huberdine was born and raised in Drunen, a small town in the southern Netherlands. Today, she still calls it home, along with her husband Bertie and their daughter Evy. Eleven years ago, they bought the house when it was newly-built and modernly design. But Huberdine prefers a more romantic interior, so when she started decorating, she filled it with antique and flea market finds to offset some of the modern touches found throughout the home.

Over the years, the home’s style has evolved. While it still has a country feel, it’s become more rugged with even a few industrial items thrown in. White is a keeper, floral accents and red hues have made place for black, grey, and other natural tones. And a lot more plants! Regardless of the changes, the home has definitely kept its cozy atmosphere. “We find it super important for our home to be cozy,” Huberdine says. “Of course it should look nice, but above all, we want our family and friends to feel welcome and completely at ease”.

Now that the interior has a neutral palette, it’s far easier to change the look and feel by swapping accessories, though there are items with stories she will never get rid of. One such item is the wooden crate that belonged to her late father. He was a horticulturist and used these crates at work. Recently, Huberdine helped her mom clean up her childhood home, and that’s when she stumbled upon these crates. “Sure, I like it for its decorative quality,” she says of the crate. “But it’s also so much more.”

Bertie noticed his wife always had a knack for visuals and interior decorating in particular, but for now, Huberdine doesn’t know if she will take interior decorating to the next level, as more and more friends ask her for interior advice. She does know she finds it immensely fulfilling to help them out. “It’s so great to see them happy when a piece of advice worked out well,” she says.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Sturdy and unpolished country with natural colors and materials, with a whiff of botanical and Ibiza.

Inspiration: Magazines, Instagram, interior design TV shows.

Favorite Element: The kitchen.

Biggest Challenge: What to choose since there are so many options! For instance, choosing a new paint color or a new sofa.

What Friends Say: They find it cozy and also like how everything is in harmony.

Biggest Embarrassment: The mess in the attic.

Proudest DIY: The garden playhouse Bertie designed and built for our daughter Evy.

Biggest Indulgence: Finding pretty home accessories like tableware, ceramics, cushions, blankets, and wood cutting boards.

Best Advice: Don’t buy everything at the same shop, and make it personal.

Dream Sources: Het Kabinet has a great collection. And a detached home would be great!


Putty and Chalk — Painting the Past

Bulb wall light — Flekzer

Sofa and armchairs — De Troubadour
Coffee table — Het Kabinet
Cabinets — De Troubadour
Round table and lamps — Interieur Bij ons Thuis
Small table — Old Harry’s
Various accessories — Pronck & Praal, Jet at Home, Pand144

Dining table — Het Kabinet

Dining table — Hillshome
Dining chairs — Vintagelab15
Rattan armchair — Woonexpress
Freestanding cabinet — Bourgondisch Wonen
Small table — Old Harry’s
Girl with the Pearl Earring print — Stoeruh Zaken

Bed, nightstands and cabinets — Piet Klerkx

Bath towel with embroidery — H&M Home

Thanks, Huberdine and Bertie!

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