A Poet’s Magical Montreal Pad

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Poet’s Magical Montreal Pad

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Melanie Power
Location: Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, Quebec
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, renting

When Melanie Power, a poet from St. John’s, Newfoundland, first moved into this compact apartment, it was a neglected space. Over the years, she has collected items and furniture from thrift stores across the provinces to revive and restore it, creating a place full of magical whimsy and intrigue.

“My bedroom is a space that captures those escapist elements of magic, wilderness and whimsy,” says Melanie.

Melanie’s apartment is a mere image of her personality. Unique, romantic, and poetic, her dwelling is filled with objects of personal significance. The Leonard Cohen figurine, the worn-in wood pieces of furniture, the poetry pinboard, the homemade flower mobiles, to only list a few of the meaningful things the decorate her place.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I am a sentimentalist with a penchant for order and organization. The rooms of my apartment are drenched in decor nostalgia and each one is full with objects of personal significance, but it is important to me that everything is neatly placed and easy to locate. I’m like a practical romantic.

Inspiration: I’m primarily inspired by Canadian cabins and cottages: that loving disregard of conventional, cosmopolitan style – and that sometimes tacky excess in the form of worn-in wood furniture, blankets, fur, and rural tokens. I spent a lot of time at my grandfather’s house around the bay in Newfoundland, which was like our cabin — it’s this house with a woodstove and a view of the sea, and it has this unique maritime austerity that I find beautiful. I also love to have lots of green life in my home so it feels alive — and I always try to keep bunches of fresh flowers around.

Favorite Element: My poetry pinboard in my bedroom. I love that area of my room in general, including my desk below the poetry board. It’s where I do my writing, so I have all these positive associations tied to it.

Biggest Challenge: I’m an avid thrifter, so it’s difficult to resist buying new things so beautiful and inexpensive. As you can see, I usually lose the battle.

What Friends Say: “Venus cave.” – Vincent, BF; “Grandma chic.” – Rebecca, BFFL; “Cool hippie grandma, whimsical and original.” – Theo, frenemy; “Vintage, eclectic, academic,” then “faded, soft, dreamy.” – Margaret, roommate; “Bohemian.” – Margaret’s mom

Biggest Embarrassment: My handmade Leonard Cohen figurine. I find it more endearing than embarrassing, but it’s still one of the weirdest objects I possess. My roommate Margaret bought it for me, her reasoning being that I probably already owned all his books and records already.

Proudest DIY: I’m proud of my homemade mobiles above my bed, composed of found objects from nature. I love making things.

Biggest Indulgence: Because most objects in my home are thrifted or bought second-hand or inherited, I would say my biggest indulgence is just my bedroom in general. I loved fairy folklore as a child, and then as a teenager, I loved reading books and plays about fantastical, magical worlds. My bedroom is a space that captures those escapist elements of magic, wilderness and whimsy.

Best Advice: Make your space meaningful, but don’t buy too much stuff. Buy a book or an ice cream instead.

Dream Sources: I wish I could have a whole room full of Dutch Golden Age paintings.


(Disclaimer: Most pieces have been thrifted from Renaissance Fripe-Prix and Le Chaînon.)

String lights (on bookshelf) – V de V
Star string lights (around mirror) – Indigo Bookstore
Map pillow, BENZY – IKEA
Ceramic plant holders – Dollarama
Fur rugs – Winners Homesense

Partanna olive oil cans – Milano‘s Fruiterie

Mirror, EKNE — IKEA
Caribou Wall Hook – ZONE MAISON
Desk, VITTSJÖ – IKEA (second-hand)
Leonard Cohen figurine – Etsy Shop: Uneek Doll Designs
Bed frame – IKEA (second-hand)
Hanging Light Fixture – V de V
Duvet cover by brand Magical Thinking – Urban Outfitters
Pencil holder, SKURAR – IKEA (second-hand)
Doiley Bunting – Etsy Shop: Daisies Blue
Veil – Ebay
Bedside table, HEMNES – IKEA
Sheepskin rug, RENS – IKEA
Curtain – Urban Outfitters
Plant vase – Dollarama

Thanks, Melanie!

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