A Couple Renovates a Classic Buenos Aires Home

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Couple Renovates a Classic Buenos Aires Home

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Fernando and Maximiliano
Location: La Boca — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 1,130 square feet
Years lived in: 8 years, owned

When Maximiliano and Fernando were looking for a place to live, they realized they could afford a bigger home if they were willing to give it some TLC before moving in. They found a house in this building of La Boca, a neighborhood known by its bright-colored dwellings, the first home of many immigrants, and the story of tango.

The house was in really bad condition and their budget was very tight, so they faced a gut renovation done mostly by themselves. As usual, the works took longer than expected so they moved in half way through it. They crammed all of their things into the one room that was finished, and later on expanded the living spaces as the renovation progressed.

During this time Fernando developed an eye for finding treasures and creating beautiful pieces out of salvaged materials. This passion became Don Terrenal, a shop that reflects his bright-colored style and inspires others to create their own ranchito.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Is very eclectic, a real tribute to where we live and our love for collecting things that make us happy.

Inspiration: We are inspired by conventillos (boarding tenements where poor immigrant families lived in early twentieth-century Buenos Aires, mainly in La Boca), our childhood and our grandmothers.

Favorite Element: For Maximiliano, it’s aunt Muñeca’s iridescent ceramic toucan.

Biggest Challenge: It has been the renovation, no doubt about it!

What Friends Say: They say that they won’t be able to visit with their children if our collection of tchotchkes keeps growing. Joking aside, they love coming for dinners al fresco in our terrace.

Biggest Embarrassment: It’s the terrace; we’ve been postponing some maintenance work that needs to be done.

Proudest DIY: Besides the renovation itself, we’re very proud of all the furniture that we built from recycled wood, like the kitchen cabinets.

Biggest Indulgence: The tulip table in the dining room.

Best Advice: Our best advice is to gather everything you love, without being afraid of it turning out untidy. Allow yourself to take risks; you will always be able to curate your collection over time.

Dream Sources: We love Anthropologie and every country furniture fair.


Japan print — Don Terrenal

Sofa — Flea market find
“Enjoy life” poster — Don Terrenal
Yellow chair — Don Terrenal
Coffee table — Don Terrenal
Black table Lamp — Souvenir from a trip to Italy
Soy wax candle — Louis and Lewis

Portrait — Mercado Fifi
Dining chairs — Flea market find

Cabinets — DIYed from salvage wood
Wire lamps — Don Terrenal

Nightstand — Don Terrenal
Hand-painted wood mirror — Las Vidalas

Thanks, Maximiliano and Fernando!

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