A “French meets West Coast” Creative Berlin Apartment

updated Jul 10, 2019
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(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

Name: Kassandra Jensen with roommate Ashley
Location: Berlin, Germany
Size: 72 square meters (775 square feet)
Years lived in: 4 months

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Kassandra’s life is full of travel for work and a constantly changing schedule. So being able to choose her Berlin apartment’s permanent materials—flooring, bathroom subway tiles, custom kitchen countertops, cabinetry and more—has given her something to come home to that is grounded. But the real beauty of the space is how Kassandra has blended the apartment’s architectural bones with her own simple, serene style. It’s a calming, classic space with the flexibility to evolve.

(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

Light floods the space from big windows and open doors. With a mix of whimsical expression and traditional design, Kassandra’s apartment is the perfect space to express your creativity or wile away a slow morning.

(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

There aren’t many things in this apartment that are new. Textiles were picked up on travels. The quilt on her bed is from Greece. A (heavy!) coffee table was found and carried up the stairs to fit perfectly into her living room. Kassandra’s eye for incorporating vintage finds makes her home feel comfortable and welcoming.

The large French doors between the living space and her private room are a favorite feature; they give her the soundproofing that she needed for the bedroom and look lovely, too. Her kitchen is also a favorite spot. Most importantly, Kassandra does not see her apartment as a design set in stone—it’s as ever-evolving as her life.

(Image credit: Kassandra Jensen)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: French meets West Coast

Inspiration: Travel

Favorite Element: The kitchen

Biggest Challenge: Storage

What Friends Say: “It feels really good and cozy in here”

Biggest Embarrassment: The outside of the building: it’s painted in crazy blue blocks. Thankfully you don’t see it once you are inside.

Proudest DIY: Everything was redone just months ago, and a lot of custom projects.

Biggest Indulgence: The oak flooring and dishwasher

Best Advice: To be easy on yourself; you don’t have to have a lot or buy all new things to change the feeling You can be creative with what you have, and make it just feel like home.

Dream Sources: Hay and West Elm


(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Rug: Ikea
  • Coat hook: Vintage
(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Couch and Chairs: Vintage, but reupholstered
  • Artwork: Paintings (Kassandra), Drawings: Margerita Sanders, Music Post w/drawing: Christina Vantzou
  • Rug: Morocco
  • Lamp: Vintage
  • Trunk: Vintage
  • Shelf: Casper Andresen constructed, designed by myself
  • Coffee table: Vintage
  • Filing drawers vintage
  • Pillows: Schee
(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Counter: Accidental Concrete by Jonas Klock
  • Cabinets and wood work (additional counter space and storage unit and shelf) by Kelly Tivnan and Casper Andresen
  • Table: Vintage from 1840
  • A lot of dishware and cups are either vintage from flea markets or from Schee a store in Mitte
(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Beds and Clothing racks, custom made by Kelly Tivnan and Casper Andresen
  • Bedding: Ikea
  • Quilt: Greece
  • Curtains: Ikea
  • Everything else is vintage.
(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Custom counter and cabinets, same as kitchen.
  • Sink: Ikea
  • Bathroom decor: Schee and secondhand or collected over time
  • Towels: Istanbul and Hay
(Image credit: Abe Martinez)


  • Bed and clothing rack custom by Kelly Tivnan and Casper Andresen
  • Rug: Istanbul grand bazaar
  • Black sheepskin: Condor NYC
  • Red shawls: Indian antiques
  • Bedding: Bed Bath and Beyond US
  • Gold light bulb: Modular
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(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

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Thanks, Kassandra! (And special thanks to Jenny Carlson for her German language expertise.)