A PhD Student’s Perfectly Suited Small Toronto Apartment

updated Apr 30, 2019

A PhD Student’s Perfectly Suited Small Toronto Apartment

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Adam Kuhn
Location: Little Italy — Toronto, Canada
Size: 600 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 3 years

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Finding an apartment in Toronto is no easy feat, so when Adam stumbled upon this gem in Little Italy he was ecstatic and relieved to have finally found a place to call home in the city. One of his favorite things about the neighborhood is the mix of dwellers from renters, owners and families — all folks that say hello to one another on the street. Conveniently located just west of the downtown core, the neighborhood is proximal to the university where Adam works and studies as well as a variety of local amenities. The apartment is the majority of the main floor of a semi-detached home, including a backyard patio and just enough green space for a small vegetable garden.

Adam’s approach to decor is honest — a true reflection of his personality and interests. He has a passion for theatre and travel and throughout his space you’ll find souvenirs from his various trips and even a few left over props from past theatre shows. A wearer of many hats — working in Student Life and on a PhD at the University of Toronto, writer and podcaster Adam has cultivated a space where he can be both productive and unplug.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Is “No Idea What I’m Doing” considered a style? I love mixing and matching old and new items and trying to make a comfortable space to relax in.

Inspiration: I love old things with stories and new things that remind me of the special people in my life. The art I have is all from family and friends, and a lot of the furniture was inherited from family or purchased with the help of stylish friends. I also love looking at the lovely places on Apartment Therapy for inspiration and ideas.

Favorite Element: Two things: I love the big windows in the back and how in the summer it just feels like the back deck and garden is an extension of the apartment. Second, I love that the apartment is accessed through the back of the house. At the end of the day it really feels like I am coming home to a separate and secluded space that feels a bit removed from everything.

Biggest Challenge: One of the biggest challenges is the lack of storage. It’s not as much of an issue since I did a full KonMari overhaul, but it is still a frequent frustration. Also, being a renter limits the types of changes I would like to make to my living space.

What Friends Say: Friends love the black and white floor and the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.

Get the look! → Mixing & Matching & Relaxing

Biggest Embarrassment: The walk to the back of the house can be dark and sometimes slippery in the winter. You have to walk by a bunch of garbage bins too, but once you make it to the back, it’s lovely!

Proudest DIY: I love the photo blocks in the washroom. Each picture is from a different country I have visited, and so every time I look at them I remember the people, places and good times from that trip.

Biggest Indulgence: I spent a lot on the sofa because it has a pull-out queen bed. It felt like a lot of money at the time, but one of my favourite things about my apartment is that I am able to host friends and family when they are in town — so it has absolutely been worth every penny!

Best Advice: Less is more. I used to have way more stuff all over the place. Editing has helped me create a more comfortable and calming space.

Dream Sources: Souvenir Studios, West Elm, CB2, Design Republic

Thanks, Adam!

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