Artistic, Colorful Modernism in Panama

updated Feb 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Name: Cisco Merel and Barbara Cartier
Location: Panama City, Panama
Size: 3013 square feet
Years lived in: Owned 1 year

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Cisco Merel and Barbara Cartier are two young artists living in Panama City. They met years ago in Germany when both were working there, and they love travels, adventures and learning from other cultures and countries. They decided to settle in Panama, where Cisco has roots. They both create amazing art pieces in different styles but with something in common: They both LOVE color.

(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Cisco started his career as an artist through graffiti and street art culture but years later, his work has evolved. Color is essential for him, and his art pieces are vibrant and powerful. He creates paintings and sculptures with fresh materials and works on different projects that integrate art into public spaces.

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(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Barbara is also an incredible artist. Her artwork is full of color, too, but in a different way. She loves to use as many shades as possible to create different volumes and textures. She started in paintings, but feeling the need to express in the three-dimensional, she’s dedicated now to sculpture; she needs something you can feel and touch.

(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Their home is a mix of the two of them, an eclectic and colorful place where you feel the soul of Panama. They bought this old house in a neighborhood where you can’t see any skyscrapers or fashion malls. It’s the real essence of Panama. They love this place, the light, the architecture and the garden. They love having a place to relax with friends or by themselves. But they also love that they have a place where they can create art and forget their worries.

(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Simple and colorful.

Inspiration: A bit of everything, the simple design, geometry, colors…

Favorite Element: The garden.

Biggest Challenge: Maintaining and keeping the house clean.

What Friends Say: Wow!

(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Proudest DIY: Lots of things, we’re so DIY.

Biggest Indulgence: Coming home and cooking a meal.

Best Advice: Do things with passion and love.


Get the look! → Colorful, Minimal Modernism

(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Thanks, Cisco and Barbara!

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