How Many Seats Should Your Living Room Have? Here’s One Rule of Thumb

published Aug 12, 2015
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How many people can you host at once? Two? 10? You’re probably counting sofa cushions right now in your head. The reality is, the “right” number of living room seats is different for everyone, and largely dependent on the amount of space you have available. There is one scaleable rule of thumb, however, to help you figure out how many spots you need to have in your living area…

# of Living Room seats ≥ # of Dining Room seats

As part of a recent living room makeover on Better Homes and Gardens, designer Elaine Griffin told BHG that your living room should seat at least as many as your dining room.

It makes sense, really. You wouldn’t want to host a dinner party, then struggle to find space for everyone when you retire into the living room for coffee. Keeping the number of seats in each room close to the same allows you to be consistent in your entertaining habits and avoid those awkward moments when one of your guests has to grab a spot on the floor.

What do you think? Is this a good rule of thumb for determining how many should fit in your living room? Or is it unrealistic for small space dwellers?