A TikToker Went Viral for Making a LEGO Coffee Table. Here’s How She Did It.

published Jun 19, 2023
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When TikTok user Jaylá Cierra (@theofficialjaylacierra) came across the #legotable trend, she knew she wanted to recreate the project in her home. If this fun, funky design phenomenon hasn’t popped up on your feed yet, it’s all about using giant LEGO bricks to construct a block-like base and then topping it with a tabletop surface. Cierra knew this kind of DIY solution would fit right in with her maximalist aesthetic, so she began buying the materials to DIY her own LEGO-inspired masterpiece for her living room. 

In her TikTok video, she shows how she made her coffee table out of LEGO 8-Stud Storage Bricks, some spring clamps, cabinet bumpers, and a 60-inch by 20-inch piece of glass. “The actual table is made out of the LEGO bricks; I used nine of them. I’ve seen a lot of people make them out of six of them; I did nine because I wanted a very large coffee table,” she explained in a follow-up video

She began by assembling the bricks into three separate sections — each with one brick on the bottom acting as the table’s base and two bricks stacked on top as the tabletop. Then, she used 4-inch spring clamps to secure each section together. After placing cabinet bumpers around the top perimeter of the LEGO bricks, she finished the coffee table with a large piece of glass to serve as a tabletop surface. She was very deliberate about her glass choice, and if you want to recreate this look, you might want to follow in her footsteps. “The glass is from a local glass shop,” she said. “It is a premium cut piece of glass specifically for a table. It’s 1/4” thick, so it’s a very sturdy piece of glass.”

Her videos’ comment sections are filled with compliments about her decor style and how great the completed LEGO coffee table looks in her living room. “I wish my creativity was this colorful,” one commenter said. Another added, “This was absolutely beautiful; I’m sold.” If you are planning on making your own LEGO-inspired table, the LEGO 8-Stud Storage Bricks cost $39.99 each and are available in a wide range of colors to offer just enough variety to go with any decor style.

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