How to Clean a Beauty Blender, According to the Experts

published Jan 12, 2020
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You probably already know that you should clean your makeup brushes regularly, but did you know that it’s just as important to clean your trusty makeup sponges, too? Without proper care, these items can harbor bacteria and even mold.

Thankfully, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to keep your beloved Beauty Blender in clean, working order.

How often should you clean your Beauty Blender?

Believe it or not, the manufacturers of the Beauty Blender say you should wash the sponge after every use to keep it clean and prolong its usable lifespan. 

The Best Way to Clean a Beauty Blender

The manufacturers of the Beauty Blender recommend using one of their branded cleansers after each use. According to their website, these cleansers kill 99.7% of harmful germs for up to 24 hours, even if stains are left behind.

But what if you don’t have a bottle on hand? Anecdotally, you can also use another specialty makeup cleanser or even clear dish soap, a bar of soap, or baby shampoo. 

No matter what product you choose, here’s how to keep things clean: 

1. Wet sponge until soaked. 

Hold your Beauty Blender under lukewarm running water until soaked through.

2. Apply cleanser directly to sponge.

Apply a dime-size amount of gentle cleanser to the sponge, and use your fingertips to massage it into the Beauty Blender, working the soap into a lather.

3. Rub the sponge on a textured surface to dislodge dirt.

If you have a makeup brush cleaning mat, or a similarly textured surface, rub and bounce the Beauty Blender against that to clean and dislodge any dirt.

4. Rinse and wring in clean water.

Rinse completely, then squeeze the Beauty Blender to remove any excess water. Let dry completely before using again. 

How do you clean a Beauty Blender in the microwave?

Studies suggest microwaving kitchen sponges kill bacteria, and in early 2018, Twitter went wild after one user suggested this hack can work for the Beauty Blender, too. The results ranged from extremely impressive to extremely dangerous. So what’s the deal? 

Though the manufacturers of the Beauty Blender do not recommend this method, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it works—if you follow the directions precisely. Here’s how to do it safely: 

1. Mix soapy water in a microwave-safe cup.

Mix water and dish soap, baby shampoo, or a specialty makeup cleanser.

2. Soak sponge thoroughly.

Wet the sponge in the soapy water and squeeze to soak thoroughly. This is very important: Be sure to use enough water to completely soak the sponge.

3. Microwave for one minute.

Place the sponge in the microwave for one minute. Again: It is so important to only put a thoroughly saturated sponge in the microwave.

4. Rinse and wring the sponge in clean water.

After 60 seconds, carefully remove the sponge from the microwave—it may be very hot. Let cool and wring the sponge in clean water. 

Can I put my Beauty Blender in the washing machine?

Though you can buy mini washing machines specifically made for makeup sponges, the manufacturers of the Beauty Blender say a spin in any washing machine will actually add wear and tear to your makeup sponge. 

Beauty influencers aren’t totally sold on the cute little gadget either—though many say it works well enough, they also say it’s not a must-have. 

When should I throw out my Beauty Blender?

According to the Beauty Blender website, you should discontinue use if you notice any mold. Otherwise, it’s best practice to replace your Beauty Blender every three months.