Spring Cleaning

The Last Thing You Should Definitely Clean This Spring (It’s a Staple!)

published Apr 24, 2024
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Apartment Therapy’s Spring Cleaning Cure is a free 10-day program that’ll help you achieve a tidier home. Chat live in the comments with Senior Editor, Cleaning & Organizing, Stephanie Nguyen, today from 12 to 1 p.m. EDT to get all your questions answered.

Here we are, at the end of our Spring Cleaning Cure journey — and you’ve done some amazing things to get your home cleaner. You’ve dusted up high and deep-cleaned the rug down low. I hope you’re feeling like your home is a bit tidier and your to-do list is a bit lighter.

Although we’re at day 10, feel free to go back to any tasks you haven’t completed yet (you can see the full program here) or get started on something new you’ve been wanting to clean this season. 

To close the program, let’s give the cleaning tools that have helped us tremendously along the way their own well-deserved cleaning.

Day 10: Clean your cleaning tools.

When putting together this task, I immediately thought of that one episode of Friends, where Monica Geller is seen cleaning her big vacuum with a handheld one. “If only there were a smaller one to clean this one!” she says. (I love it.) And just like her, we’re going to be cleaning our own cleaning tools to thank them for their service and make sure they are running smoothly for their next use.

Here are some tools that might need a deep cleaning:

  • Rags, towels, microfiber clothes, and gloves. Hand- or machine-wash these items, then dry them — all depending on care instructions. 
  • Cleaning supplies. Your spray bottles and cleaning containers might need a wipe-down.
  • Dusters and dustpans. Wipe these clean with some soapy water and a cloth. You could also use a disinfectant solution or wipe, too.
  • Brooms, brushes, and buckets. Use soapy water in a tub or bucket to clean the bristles of brooms and brushes, careful to swish them until the water isn’t dirty. Let them air dry. Then, clean the bucket with soapy water.
  • Vacuum cleaner. Clean the brush roller and accessory tools of debris, dust, and hair. A seam ripper can be great to use here. Then, move on to the interior of the canister. If it’s a bagless cleaner, remove and rinse it before setting it out to dry. If it’s time to replace a new bag or filter, take the time to do this now. Clean the outside of your vacuum, too.
  • Specialty cleaners. If you’ve used any specialty cleaners — like a carpet and upholstery cleaner — take the time to clean those, too.

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Have questions about the program or about spring cleaning in general? Submit your questions in the comment section and Senior Editor, Cleaning & Organizing, Stephanie Nguyen, will answer them on April 24 between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. EDT.

More Ways to Participate in the Spring Cleaning Cure

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