6 Witchy Ways to Make Your Home Fit for a Modern Coven

published Oct 31, 2019
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Let’s get one thing out of the way: Erica Feldmann does not decorate for Halloween. 

“It doesn’t entirely resonate with me because every day is Halloween,” she says. “Especially in Salem, it’s more unique to not do anything.” 

Feldmann is the owner of HausWitch Home + Healing, a mystical boutique in the heart of Witch City, otherwise known as Salem, Massachusetts. She’s the author of the book HausMagick, which she describes as “a spellbook of interior alchemy.” And she’s also a witch.

“My goal has always been to integrate witchcraft into people’s normal, everyday lives,” she says. 

Before she opened HausWitch in 2015, Feldmann created mini spell kits to help others bring good vibes into their homes. The HausCraft kits, packaged in tiny house-shaped boxes, typically contain a candle, a crystal and an element of aromatherapy. Spells focus on everything from achieving harmony in cohabitation to manifesting your dream home. 

While the kits continue to be one of Feldmann’s best-sellers, she’s now expanded her offerings to include candles, tonics, beautifully illustrated tarot cards and an impressive collection of feminist witch literature. Her latest line, Secret Spells, launched this month with sigil-inspired pillows. Tea towels that double as altar cloths and wall prints will soon follow.

Ready to bring a little magic into your own home? Here, Feldmann shares her top tips for decorating like a modern witch.

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Cultivate Your Home’s Energy

In an era of mass consumption, Feldmann encourages thoughtful purchases.

“If you’re bringing an object into your home that’s made out of a material that’s not being harvested sustainably or maybe was made in a factory where the treatment of workers was unethical, that’s the kind of vibrations that object is going to carry with it,” Feldmann says.

Instead, she urges others to buy local and from artisans who pay themselves a living wage to do what they love.

“When you buy things with the highest and best interest of the planet and the people living on it, it’s infused with gratitude and positivity, and that’s a magical thing to bring into your home,” Feldmann shares.

Feldmann is also a big believer in clearing a space of bad energy to make room for the good.

“I think a lot of people equate that with burning sage, but I’m here to tell you that there are a million other ways,” she says. “Honestly, just clapping your hands can do it. Then, I like to fill the space with a little of my own energy, so I will put on my favorite music and dance.”

Let the Stars Align

Most people know their astrological sign, which is determined by the sun’s position in the sky when you were born. Your astrological birth chart takes a closer look at where the planets were at the exact minute of your birth. It dives deeper into personality traits and may also give you a better understanding of how to decorate your home. 

Feldmann, for example, is a Gemini and says that people that share this sign may have a house with a “split personality.” In her book, where she discusses each sign, she writes, “It’s like decorating for a couple who have different tastes: once you figure it out, your home will feel remarkably balanced with a distinct point of view.” 

Birth charts are not the end all be all, but Feldmann says it can serve as a good starting point for people who have never asked themselves what they want out of their home. 

Allow the Moon Phases Move You

Feldmann oftentimes plans projects or decluttering to particular phases of the moon’s cycle. The perfect time for space clearing, she says, is around the dark moon—the three days before the new moon. Then, when that little sliver of crescent reappears in the sky, it’s the perfect opportunity to start something new, like finally painting those kitchen cabinets or crafting that mood board for your dream bedroom.

Call the Crystals

Crystals can be found in every nook and cranny of Feldmann’s home and each one serves a particular purpose. She recommends amethyst by the bedside for comfort and better sleep, pyrite at your desk for will power and manifestation and rose quartz for the bathroom. “Rose quartz is all about self-love, so it’s great for when you’re getting ready in the morning,” Feldmann says, adding that the best crystal is ultimately whichever one speaks to you.

“In our lives, we aren’t necessarily trained to connect with our intuition, but everyone has one and should connect to it,” she says. “When customers ask us to prescribe stuff to them, we really encourage people to touch base with what they are drawn to and what feels good when they hold it. That’s going to be more effective than anything an outside source can tell you.”

Build a Sensory Experience

In addition to touch, sight and smell are crucial. 

“You want to have three lighting sources in any room,” Feldmann says. “That way, you can really customize the mood and connect with your intentions.” Different kinds of light work for different spells.

“Really, you can do a spell anytime,” Feldmann says,” but a grounding spell might be better at night when everything is dark and you can turn inward.” A manifesting spell, on the other hand, works well in natural night. “The sun is kind of like your solar plexus, which is the center of where your will power and confidence is, so if you’re trying to manifest something, you want to tap into the solar plexus and give that spell some sunlight.”

As for smells, it could be as simple as lighting a favorite candle. You can also burn ethically sourced plants. In her book, Feldmann writes that sage is often associated with purification and perfect for when you move into a new space. Mugwort welcomes psychic dreams, while sweetgrass calls on your ancestor’s energy and invites positive spirits into the space. 

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Embrace the Magic of Plants

This won’t be news to plant ladies, but plants are powerful. Beyond purifying the air and providing visual interest, Feldmann says they have magical properties.

“Pay attention to how something grows and that will inform what intention you can set with it,” she says.

Tropical varieties, like a rubber plant, encourage warmth, whereas cacti are great for setting boundaries. For growth, Feldmann recommends ivy or pothos.

“In the store, we have pothos that hang down from the highest window and they’re literally tendril-ing themselves around the legs of the table at this point,” she says. “That’s a nice sort of symbol for our expansion and hopefully how we’re tendril-ing around the hearts and minds of witches everywhere.”