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Here’s How to Decorate with Plants, According to Your Zodiac Sign

updated Sep 17, 2021
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Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio

Designing your space is an art that’s unique to you. It depends on your personal style and unmistakable eye. But whatever look speaks to you, there’s one thing we can say with certainty: Every aesthetic looks better with greenery.

When you think about it, plants are the ultimate versatile home decor. They come in endless shapes and textures, and their pots and accessories present extra opportunities to show off your style. How to choose? Ummmmm, astrology, obviously! The sun makes plants grow, so why wouldn’t the planets influence our favorites? (Go with us here.)

Because we never miss a chance to have design fun with our signs, we selected a Greendigs plant and accessory inspired by each member of the zodiac. With a curated selection of plants and design-minded accessories and home decor, Greendigs is a one-stop-shop for a distinctively green home. What style do the stars have in store for you?

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


A born leader, energetic Aries is iconoclastic. Their style is, too: Think bold colors, imaginative patterns, and head-turning decor. A glossy, graceful ZZ Plant has a similar knack for attention-getting, and the elegant and sculptural Cheyenne Plant Stand knows how to command a crowd. Just like your favorite Ram.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Headstrong Tauruses know what they like, and their taste is often spot-on. From luxe bedding to divinely scented candles, their homes are tributes to beauty. Like a Taurus, the Jade Plant might look fancy and complicated, but it just wants to bask in the sun and stay hydrated. And a Bull is sure to appreciate the Modern Sprout handcrafted brass watering can, which turns an everyday chore into an aesthetic experience.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


If you’ve met one Gemini, you’ve met two — Gems are ever-changing, fast-moving, and endlessly curious. Their homes are likely as chatty as they are, overflowing with different styles and colors. The Cocktail Mixer Duo, featuring sweet mint and lavender, will speak to their duality (and indecision), and sage green pruning shears are anything but boring. Sound familiar?

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Sensitive and nurturing, Cancers are all about comfort and friendship. Perhaps the biggest nesters in the Zodiac, their thoughtfully decorated homes make you feel welcome to curl up under a cozy throw and chat over coffee. Like Cancers, Spider Plants reward TLC with beauty and vibrance. The minimalist Modern Stone Propagation Station will help Crabs care for all those Spider plant babes.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Paging the life of the party! A Leo’s favorite place is in the spotlight. Their homes likely reflect this flair for the dramatic, with statement furniture and adventurous uses of color and pattern. Just like your favorite Lion, the Round Tail Snake Plant stands up tall and commands attention. An artful print honoring Monstera deliciosa, that green drama queen, is sure to speak to their soul.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Who runs the world? Virgos. Organized, detail-oriented, and expert advice-givers, they keep us all on track. You can bet their homes are orderly, too, with pleasing natural touches that speak to their earth sign roots. Beautiful and endlessly useful, a succulent Aloe Plant will appeal to a Virgo’s pragmatism. A Sustee plant moisture sensor will help them know precisely when to water — and with Virgos, precision is always appreciated.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Gentle, diplomatic Libras thrive with balance and beauty. Their homes are likely the result of years spent finding just the right objects and furniture, with a palette of pleasing hues and soft accents. The lush Red Chinese Evergreen will fit right in, with its painterly coloring and fluid shape. And a steel and walnut garden scoop is a truly Libran combo of gorgeous and practical.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Scorpios have a dark reputation, but underneath all that intensity lies a sensitive soul. Secretive Scorpios probably aren’t decorating with personal mementos, but you can count on dramatic decor and deep colors. Like a Scorpio, Echeveria can be spiky and often wants to be left alone. But, also like a Scorpio, it contains layers. A leather plant hanger is the ultimate moody accessory — in black, natch.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


The Sagittarius in your life is probably one of your most adventurous, larger-than-life pals. Their decor style is just as vivacious, with cheerful colors and bold, exciting decor that makes their space feel alive. A Pilea Plant grows up, down, and sideways, making it a fun and spontaneous match for Sags. It will thrive in the added moisture from an Objecto humidifier, which a Sagittarius will love for its eye-catching, sculptural design.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Hard-working and patient, Capricorns are the Zodiac’s little engines that could, chugging toward their goals. Their homes probably reflect this slow-and-steady sensibility with classic design and timeless color combinations. Nothing if not practical, Caps will appreciate a versatile herb like mint, plus an artful pair of shears to snip them into their tried-and-true favorite recipes and cocktails.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


The free-spirited Aquarius is proof that the best path to forge is your own. Born socialites, they probably have homes ready for entertaining, with plenty of eccentric touches and artwork. The Lemon Lime Dracaena will fit right in, with vibrant coloring and swirling free-form leaves. A Barefoot Plant Stand will complement the other boho accents that no doubt abound in the Aquarian home.

Credit: Jess D'Amelio, @jessdamelio


Dreamy, empathetic Pisces are sensitive souls. Their homes are sure to reflect their creative and intuitive spirits, full of art, music, and cozy spots for chats with their nearest and dearest. The soft, gentle shape of the Peperomia Plant will appeal to a Fish’s love of tranquility. They’ll also appreciate a Smart Growbar grow light for giving their greenery everything it needs to thrive.