8 Easy Ways to Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

published Nov 12, 2019
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Nothing feels quite as homey and festive, especially in fall and winter, as a wreath on a front door. But how do you hang it when you don’t have a wood door you can hammer a nail into—or when you’re a renter looking for a non-permanent method? Don’t worry! You’ve got plenty of options.

There are a few variables to consider before purchasing hanging accessories, like size, height, and the weight of your wreath, as well as the surface you will be hanging it on. To figure out the rest, read on.

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Go hole-less with an over-the-door hanger

The most common way to hang a wreath is by using an over the door wreath hanger. Adjustable models are the way to go, especially if you change up wreaths each season. Be sure to choose a hanger that blends in with your front door so it doesn’t draw attention away from the wreath (a coat of paint can help!). Hangers are commonly found in black, white, woodgrain, and grey, in addition to many bright holiday colors.

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Cling to steel with a magnetic wreath hanger

The magnetic wreath hanger attracts to steel doors, staying in place so you can hang your wreath. You can position this magnetic hanger on each side of a single pane glass window, using each side to hang a wreath. If the magnetic hanger doesn’t come with a thin felt or foam backing, you can cut and place a small piece of fabric between the metal and surface so it won’t damage the door in any way.

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Hang on glass doors and windows with suction cups

Suction cups are fantastic for hanging small wreaths on interior windows and non-porous surfaces like mirrors (and they’re fancier looking than you remember!). Pay close attention to the weight limit and select suction cups accordingly.

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Fasten to masonry with screws or brick hangers

Inside, you can use a drill and a masonry bit to drill in the mortar—never the brick!—before screwing in a masonry screw to hang. For hanging wreaths on the exterior of your home, you can use brick clips that support up to 25 pounds per clip. They use tension to grab onto the top and bottom edges of bricks, so there are no holes necessary. To hang your wreath, attach a thin gauge wire around the top of the wreath and make a loop that will catch and hang from the hook on the brick clip. If the wreath is over 25 pounds, attach two clips to distribute the weight.

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Stick to smooth surfaces with Command hooks

Metal Command hooks are so sleek they hardly look like they’re removable; choose one to suit the weight of your wreath and surface you’re hanging it from. If the wreath doesn’t have a hook on the back side, twist floral wire around the top and create a loop to hang the wreath on the hook.

String up with a ribbon

Position your wreath on the door where you want it to hang, then measure the distance from the top of the door to just underneath the top arc of the wreath. Double the measurement plus two inches and cut the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon under the top arc of the wreath and bring up the two ends so that they go just over the top of the door. You can secure the ribbon a few different ways: Staple it to the very top of the door using a staple gun, or knot the top of the ribbon and attach it to the back of the inside of the door by catching it on a clear Command hook hung upside down.

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Go simple with nails

Use these on wood doors only. Hammer one in, then pick up some heavyweight fishing line to hang your wreath. Don’t like the look of the nail? Pull the nail out, fill the hole with wood putty and repaint over the hole.

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Tie it to your door knocker

Use ribbon looped around your wreath to hang from an existing door knocker for an easy, no-tools-needed fix.