How To Keep Litter Box Smells from Overwhelming a Small Apartment?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: There have been several House Tours that had a hidden litter box of sorts. How are you able to keep your cat box clean and smelling fresh in an apartment that may be only 600 square feet? 500? 400?? It boggles my mind. I mean, obviously, clean it out as soon as you can, but cat urine has such a strong odor. Even with a cool hidden compartment in a piece of furniture, it wouldn’t suddenly eliminate the smell. Any tips would be great. I’d love to have a kitty, but I’ve avoided it because I’m afraid of the smell and how it may affect my guests! -Sent by Emily

Editor: Very considerate question, Emily! I am super-sensitive to the smell of litter boxes and have been totally overwhelmed by it when visiting certain homes—and those weren’t even tiny studio apartments! Readers, how do you keep litter box odors from dominating small homes?

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