6 Tips to Make Your Living Room More Like a Theater

updated Nov 10, 2022
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Smiling male and female watching movie on laptop in living room
Credit: Getty Images/ Maskot

Living in the city has it’s advantages—none of which are awesome McMansions with pre-fab home theater spaces. But if you’re a movie buff, you can still fake that luxe home theater look. All you need to do is take on a few quick fixes in your living room.

Paint it Dark

Get the theater vibe by painting your room with dark colors, like burgundy or navy blue. As a bonus, the images on your screen will look better because the light won’t reflect off your new dark walls.

Move the Furniture

Seating in a home theater should be front-and-center, plopped facing the TV. If you think a screen-centric living room layout is bad Feng Shui, consider an easily versatile floorplan.

Install Dimming Lights

Nothing screams “I’m serious about movie screenings” like being able to dim the house lights as the DVD begins to spin.

Add New Lighting

Certain kinds of light fixtures can give any room in the house some theater cred. Try sconces on the wall, or rope lights near the baseboards.

Hang Light-Blocking Drapes

Thick drapes designed to block the morning sunlight will keep your screen room pitch black. Plus, draped fabric definitely lends itself to a luxe home theater vibe.

Build a Riser

This one is a little more involved, but will definitely amp up your living room theater. Design and build a riser to give your family room stadium seating. Get handy with plywood and build two small platforms for your living room chairs to sit on top of, then move them behind the sofa.