Here’s How to Print Posters Without Breaking the Bank, According to TikTok

published Jun 26, 2023
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Credit: Liz Calka

Want to print your own posters so you can decorate the walls of your home without spending a ton of money? According to TikTok, the solution lies on Fedex’s website — and it isn’t a hassle.

TikToker @blackstonesnumber1fan recently went viral for their video explaining how they make their own posters “for cheap.”

First, they head to Fedex’s website, toggle over to the “Design & Print” tab, and click “Explore Prints, Products, and Design.” After scrolling down and clicking on the website’s Sales Sheets (which start at 55 cents apiece), they click “Upload Image” and upload a high-resolution version of the image they want to turn into a poster. @Blackstonesnumber1fan recommends using the paper type “Laser (24lb)” for best results. Then check out, and voila! A cheap new poster. In this creator’s case, ordering an 11×17” print cost just 61 cents.

Since @Blackstonesnumber1fan posted their video on June 16, it has received over 79,400 likes and 536,500 views. “TYSM!!!!” one commenter wrote. “I’ve been wanting to decorate my room, especially with posters … I didn’t know how to but now I do.”

Another TikToker recommended supporting local print shops “if it’s in the budget or close by [because] they need the help.”

@Blackstonesnumber1fan also used their comments section to answer some frequently asked questions, such as making the decision to ship prints versus picking them up in-store.

“I would def recommend seeing if you’re near a FedEx office,” they wrote. “That way you don’t have to pay for shipping!”

Of course, we should emphasize to make sure you receive permission to use an artist’s work. Better yet, purchase a digital download of a print on sites like Etsy, or save up a bit to be able to support the artist by purchasing one of their own prints. But if you’re looking to fill your space with your own photography and/or designs, this hack just might be for you.