How to Quickly Give Your Guest Room a Glow Up

published Nov 8, 2017
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If you like someone enough to let them stay inside your home, chances are you like them enough to want them to have a nice time during their visit. Help that happen by making sure your guest room is a cozy and functional place to stay before the holidays get here!

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Guest rooms can easily turn into “junk” rooms the longer they sit unoccupied. Even if your place doesn’t look like a junk room to you — you see it regularly and may not notice the clutter that a guest would see immediately. Piles on the table top, an errant box tucked into a corner…even if you don’t have a storage solution for these elements right now, temporarily move them for the duration of your guest’s visit. They’ll feel more welcomed!

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If you have time for a deep clean, great! But otherwise, just cleaning some hot spots will instantly make the whole room feel fresher. Clean bed sheets is a must. A quick vacuum is great. And just a simple dusting can make a whole room feel cleaner instantly.

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Add flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers could make even an empty room seem cheery. No need to go overboard with a giant bouquet; a simple arrangement in a small jar is a great thing to greet your guests when they enter your room.

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Add food and water and towels

Nothing is worse than staying at someone’s house and feeling like you have to bug them for everything. So make a little zone in your guest bedroom that houses all the things they may need even before they need them. Have water, a few snacks, towels, the wifi password and anything else you think they may need. A cute little bar cart in a corner can be the perfect guest room landing zone.

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Add bed fluff

The bed is likely the focal point of the guest room (unless you have an office/guest room or some other combo, in which case you should make the bed the focal point for the duration of a guest’s visit). And the easiest way to make a bed a focal point is to add a little decor. Grab extra throw pillows. Use a throw blanket or even a colorful scarf at the end of the bed.

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Add better lighting

If the only lighting in your guest bedroom is overhead…remedy that situation immediately! Take a lamp from another room if you need to. Ideally a couple of lamps spread around the guest room would be ideal, but a bedside light is a must.

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Make room for their stuff

You don’t necessarily need to buy in a luggage rack or anything, but at least have some tabletop surface available for a purse or a wallet, a spot for their suitcase to be tucked away, and make sure there’s an available electrical outlet for a phone or laptop charger.

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Add a splash of drama

This element is pretty unnecessary. But this is about giving the guest room a glow up! Making it a little fancier/nicer than it usually is will be fun for guests. Maybe DIY some oversized artwork? Finally paint that second-hand furniture piece you’ve been meaning to makeover. Update the drapery. Experiment with removable wallpaper on an accent wall. Take some decor chances. It’ll make your guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury hotel!