You Can Tip Your Amazon Delivery Driver $5 Right Now — For Free

published Dec 14, 2023
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New York NY/USA-October 7, 2019 An Amazon delivery van in New York
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It’s the season of giving, and Amazon is joining the festivities with a holiday promotion that lets you thank your driver with a $5 tip — and it’s at no cost to you. That’s because the promo has a $10 million fund, all of which will be distributed to drivers via two-million “thank yous” from customers.

Here’s how it works: After you get your package, just say “Alexa, thank my driver,” to your Echo, Alexa device, or app. The company will then forward the $5 tip to the last person who delivered to you.

If you don’t have an Alexa device, you can still participate. Here’s how.

1. Go to, and type “thank my Amazon driver” in the search bar.

Credit: Kylie McCanville

2. Click on “thank my driver.”

Credit: Kylie McCanville

3. Go to your most recent order.

Credit: Kylie McCanville

4. The promotion will apply!

The promotion is for a limited time only, with the “at no cost” feature valid for the first two million “thank yous.” After that, you can still thank your driver on the app all year round, but the tip will have to come from your own wallet. Drivers can be thanked multiple times, but can only receive one $5 tip per delivery.

“Drivers deliver for our customers every day, and we want to show them our sincere appreciation and connect them with the customers they serve,” Amazon said.

According to the e-commerce giant, the feature was first introduced last year. “Since then, Amazon customers have thanked their delivery drivers over 22 million times.”

Of course, if the above two methods don’t work, you can always just hand a $5 bill to your delivery driver. It’s a nice gesture for all the hard work they’ve been doing during the holiday season rush just to get you your presents on time.