This Is the One Item I Won’t Shop Without (And Makes City Life Easier Too)

published Nov 1, 2023
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Close up of woman's hand shopping for fresh groceries in supermarket and putting a variety of organic vegetables in shopping cart
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As a city dweller, I’m used to constantly schlepping bags of all sizes around with me throughout the day, whether I’m navigating the subway or traversing jam-packed sidewalks on the way home from my errands. As a result, I’ve also dealt with my fair share of sore shoulders and paper bags that break in the middle of the street, neither of which are enjoyable. So when I learned about the Hulken bag — a rolling tote that makes transporting food, clothing, DIY supplies, and so much more way easier, I was instantly sold on the product.

Credit: Sarah Lyon

I asked for the medium sized Hulken in rose gold for my birthday earlier this year, and I honestly don’t know how I made it this far — particularly as a New York City resident — without it. The bag is great for someone like me who is often on the go, as it’s lightweight and easy to wear on my shoulder when it’s empty, but then accommodates all kinds of things when you’re out running errands.

These days, if I’m headed to Trader Joe’s or Target on a grocery run, my Hulken comes with (and I’ll often choose to pull it around the store in lieu of a traditional shopping cart). It rolls smoothly (it’s on wheels!) and doesn’t feel heavy to pull, even when it’s packed full, and the top zips shut so that things inside don’t fall out. I’ve walked with my Hulken for 30 blocks on end following grocery trips and appreciate that I don’t have to shell out for a cab when transporting tons of heavy items. Consider the days of struggling trying to walk home from the store with five different canvas tote bags hanging off of your arms over!! 

When I head to thrift sales or flea markets, I make sure to bring my Hulken with me, too. And I always get questions and compliments on it — at 20 inches tall, this tote stands out! People are always impressed at how nice the bag looks, compared to your standard wire cart and always ask where they can find one of their own. (For reference, the bag is available both on the Hulken website and on Amazon Prime, where the price is a bit higher). 

If you’re like me and live in an apartment building that doesn’t have an elevator, you may wish to purchase the medium sized Hulken rather than the large one, simply because it’s a bit easier to maneuver up and down the stairs. Even if I’m not using it for shopping, I’ll take my Hulken up and down the stairs frequently — on weekends, I’ll fill it with donations that I need to drop off at the thrift shop down the street, or I’ll pack it full with clothing that needs to be laundered. If you’re a makeup artist, stylist, or reseller who is often bringing bulky tools, supplies, or packages on the go, I can think of a million reasons why a Hulken would be great for you, too! 

When my Hulken isn’t in use in some way, shape, or form (which is rare) I store it in my coat closet, where it’s easy to grab throughout the week — and trust me, I reach for it a lot

Buy: HULKEN Reusable Grocery Bag On Wheels, $104.99