I Shop for Most of My Home Decor on Etsy: Here Are 10 Pieces I’m Loving

published Sep 6, 2022
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I spend way too much of my free time scrolling through Etsy, and I’m honestly not ashamed of it! The website has become one of my favorite resources for home decor. I take pride in filling my apartment with decorative pieces that are a bit off the beaten path, and Etsy is perfect for snagging vintage pieces and new items that you won’t encounter at big-box retailers.

If you’re in need of some decorative pieces, or just feel like doing a bit of browsing, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t want to miss these 10 amazing Etsy home finds, all of which are under $200! Check out what I’m currently loving below.

Credit: Etsy

Irregular Twisted Asymmetrical Glass Cup

I’m always setting my sights on aesthetically pleasing cups that I can use for all of my favorite beverages: morning iced coffee, at-home cocktails, or my afternoon glass of seltzer. These irregular shaped glass cups immediately caught my attention, and while they’re a bit pricy per glass, they’d make such a statement whether incorporated into a tablescape or stashed away on a shelf.

Buy: Irregular Twisted Asymmetrical Glass Cup, starts at $32.31.

Credit: Etsy

Ceramic mug

In addition to being passionate about glassware, I also go wild for a good mug. This one has darling daisy details, and I’m convinced that it would brighten up the dreariest of Mondays. I may just have to scoop one up finally; this piece has been sitting in my Etsy favorites for too long!

Buy: Ceramic mug, $32.13

Credit: Etsy

Tall Antique Brass Table Lamp with Brass Shade

This brass lamp honestly couldn’t be more chic. It’s labeled as “modern farmhouse decor,” but it truly would look stunning in any style of room. I could see using it on a nightstand, desk top, or just casually on a chest in the living room. I’ve seen other brass lamps like these at way higher price points, so this one seems like a great deal to boot! I just caved and ordered one for myself, and can’t wait to place it on my bedroom dresser.

Buy: Tall Antique Brass Table Lamp with Brass Shade, $149.

Credit: Etsy

Resin Clam Shell Bowl

Clam shell bowls are having a major moment this summer. I scooped one up at a local boutique and use it to display my matchbook collection on my coffee table, but I may also have to grab this one to hold everyday jewelry on my nightstand. These shells also make for great styling pieces on a bookshelf, particularly if you want to incorporate a bit of coastal decor into your home.

Buy: Resin Clam Shell Bowl, $49.42.

Credit: Etsy

Jeffrey’s Grocery, NYC | Matchbook Shadowbox

Speaking of matchbooks, I’m all about showcasing them as art, too! If you’re not feeling crafty, fear not — this Etsy shop offers various matchbooks in shadowbox frames that come ready to hang. Many of the matchbooks come from iconic NYC restaurants, but the seller will also create a custom piece, which is perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift. I’ve purchased two pieces from this shop and love how they look together.

Buy: Jeffrey’s Grocery, NYC | Matchbook Shadowbox, $85.

Credit: Etsy

Vintage gold frame with black, white, beige abstract painting

After falling in love with abstract art pieces elsewhere online only to discover they were far beyond my budget, I decided to take my search to Etsy. There, I discovered the shop “Old Frame New Art,” with abstract pieces that come in amazing vintage frames — perfect for people who love to blend contemporary items and antiques!

Buy: Vintage gold frame with black, white, beige abstract painting, $165.

Credit: Etsy

Glass Tile Coaster

I’ve been struggling to find new coasters that I love (most of mine have seen better days), but these checkered beauties caught my eye immediately. I love that you can customize the colors to your liking, and they have a cool 3D look to them, too.

Buy: Glass Tile Coaster, $18.

Credit: Etsy

Planter Pot With Drainage

Bye-bye, basic planters — these swirly ones couldn’t be more gorgeous. If white isn’t your color, the seller also offers these in black and yellow, and there’s an option to purchase an accompanying water plate to set underneath, too.

Buy: Planter Pot With Drainage, starts at $42.

Credit: Etsy

Big Pastel Wavy Mirror

Wavy mirrors are everywhere these days, and Etsy is an excellent place to grab yours. I love this one because of its pretty pastel colors. Hang it over your dresser or vanity, or take down that boring medicine cabinet and place this beauty in your bathroom.

Buy: Big Pastel Wavy Mirror, $74.15.

Credit: Etsy

Metal Handmade Filigree Mirrored Tray

I love vintage looking, ornate trays for displaying everything from perfumes on my dresser to liquor bottles on my bar cart. If you’ve been searching local flea markets for the perfect piece and have come up short, I have good news for you: This handmade tray has that same sophisticated, antique look and is available in just a click at an amazing price point. You can thank me later!

Buy: Metal Handmade Filigree Mirrored Tray, starts at $29.95.