24 Dust Magnets You Probably Haven’t Cleaned in Forever

published May 21, 2018
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(Image credit: Mackenzie Schieck)

Dust is gross. A mixture of dead skin cells, pollen, dust mites, dust mite feces, pet dander, textile fibers, burnt particles of cosmic rocks, decomposing insects, and more—dust is no doubt dirty. But it harbors a more sinister component, a fact that has motivated me, for one, to finally become a little less lax and more fatalistic about how much of it I allow to stick around in my home. Toxic chemicals that hide in dust pose a cancer and fertility risk and are a significant source of exposure to these chemicals.

Lead, DDT, arsenic, flame retardants, fragrances, and phthalates are among the offending chemicals found in the household dust of many American homes. These substances can originate from your mattresses, food packaging, electrical cords, carpeting, paint, and flooring, to name a just a few things.

So grab your dusting tools, refresh your memory about good dusting technique, and get started cleaning these dust magnets that probably haven’t been cleaned in far too long:

  1. Light bulbs
  2. Overhead light fixtures
  3. Tops of books
  4. Tops of bookshelves
  5. Tops of kitchen cabinets
  6. Ledges at the tops of door and window frames
  7. Window frame ledges
  8. Plant leaves
  9. Candles (use dryer sheets)
  10. The top of the mantel
  11. The vertical surfaces on your dining and kitchen tables’ pedestals
  12. Bed frames
  13. The top of the refrigerator and items stored there
  14. Decorative items on your bookshelves
  15. Underneath your furniture
  16. The corners behind doors that are always left open
  17. Window screens
  18. Electronics’ screens
  19. Kitchen utensils left on the counter (and the container they’re in)
  20. Fake plants
  21. Lampshades (I love this sponge)
  22. The “valleys” in your tufted furniture (use your vacuum’s skinny nozzle)
  23. Baseboards
  24. Ceiling fans
(Image credit: Mackenzie Schieck)