This TikToker Turned an IKEA Kids’ Stool into a Chic Bouclé Furniture Piece

published Apr 20, 2023
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Credit: Sarah Crowley/Apartment Therapy

Want to add some trendy bouclé fabric to your home without paying hundreds of dollars? As usual, an IKEA hack might just be the solution you need. Recently, TikTok content creator Dalia Aly (@dalia.ea) went viral after sharing a video explaining how she transformed IKEA’s Flistat children’s stool (which retails for $29.99) into a chic bouclé option.

“I start off by sanding the stool, first with 120 grit sandpaper and then again with a 220 grit sanding sponge,” Aly said in a voiceover over a series of clips documenting her DIY progress. 

Next, she assembled the stool and got ready to stain it “in the shade Dark Walnut,” a wood finish from MiniWax (a quart of which typically retails for $29.99).

“For the stain, I went in with a thin even coat, wiped it off, and then went in with a second thin coat to give it that really deep warm finish,” she explained.

Then, Aly traced and cut a sponge cushion around the seat so that it would sit perfectly on the stool, before prepping and cutting the shearling fabric she’d purchased for her design. If you can’t find a similar fabric, Aly noted that you “can also use a textured blanket.”

“I also traced a piece of cardboard around the seat for the staples to hold onto, and I glued a piece of shearling to it for a seamless end result,” she added. “I went in and stapled the fabric around the entire cushion from the bottom, and then I cut the excess pieces to clean it all up.”

And voila! In three steps, a children’s stool became a bouclé stool fit for grown-ups.

Don’t be surprised if the Flistat stool suddenly becomes a tad harder to find at your local IKEA — since it was shared on April 12, Aly’s video has received nearly 7,000 likes and more than 134,200 views.

“Going to get all the supplies as we speak,” one commenter wrote, while another TikToker added: “The dark finish is beautiful… I will definitely need to recreate it!”

Later, Aly shared another video addressing a series of TikTok comments asking how she attached her bouclé cushion to her stool. As it turns out, the solution is simple. She sprayed 3M’s Hi-Strength 90 Contact Adhesive Spray (which sells for $15.66) on top of the stool and the bottom of the cushion, and they stuck together.