How to Turn the IKEA EKET into a Rolling Bar Cart or Bedside Table

published Apr 21, 2017
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The cube-shaped EKET cabinet has us thinking outside the box, to all the stackable, modular options this simple design presents. By adding wheels to the bottom and stacking one on top of another using Velcro, you can easily switch out the cabinets or roll them from room-to-room—proving that this little storage unit has big potential.

(Image credit: IKEA)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

What You’ll Need


1. Assemble EKET cabinet with door, following the instructions. Stop before attaching the door.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

2. Tape off a geometric design on the door front. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray the door front and let dry before peeling off the tape. Finish attaching the door according to the instructions.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

3. Turn the cabinet upside down. Attach a caster to each corner, drilling pilot holes before screwing each caster on.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

4. Assemble another EKET cabinet, with or without a door. Flip the cabinet upside-down, and line the outer edge of the bottom of the cabinet with heavy-duty Velcro strips. Line the top of the other cabinet with the corresponding Velcro strips. Stick the two cabinets together, lining up the Velcro strips. The Velcro lets you mix and match the tops and bottoms of multiple storage units. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend stacking more than two boxes high—but we do recommend making one for every room in the house.

5. To add cup hooks so you can hang oven mitts or kitchen tools in the top box, drill pilot holes into the inside top of the box (be careful not to drill all the way through), and then screw in each cup hook.

Smart Ways to Use this Mobile Storage Unit:

Stock it with all the bar cart essentials (Image credit: Hippo Wong)
Let it hold your bedside books and an alarm clock (Image credit: Hippo Wong)
Use it to stash kitchen tools and extra pantry supplies (Image credit: Hippo Wong)

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