The One Thing I Regret Buying at IKEA

published Aug 28, 2018
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

There was a time when matching bedroom sets were de rigueur. If your bed frame, dresser, and nightstand didn’t match perfectly well, did you even have a bedroom?

Alas, those years are far behind us, and now, full-on bedroom sets just feel too matchy-matchy. You’re much more likely to find bedrooms decorated with items that complement each other, but aren’t the exact same style, which gives you the chance to add your own personal style to the mix.

But lately, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my own bedroom decor. I recently moved, so at first I just assumed I wasn’t used to seeing my set-up in a new space, but I recently realized what the problem is: My dresser and nightstand are just too similar.

They’re both from IKEA’s HEMNES collection, and I truly like them both individually, but seeing them next to each other is starting to veer into that vintage bedroom set territory. I got my eight-drawer dresser first, about five years ago, and instantly fell in love with its roomy drawers and modern look. So when I was in the market for a new nightstand a couple years later, I didn’t even shop around and just went straight for the matching HEMNES nightstand.

(Image credit: Bridget Mallon)

And listen, it’s fine, they’re both solid, stylish pieces, but the pairing doesn’t add anything special to my space. The overt matching makes the room feel impersonal instead of thoughtful, and I honestly wish I had just spent more time searching for an option that felt more me.

At this point I’m not sure what my next move is, I’ll likely hang on to the dresser (though I’d love to update it with some statement knobs), but I don’t think I’ll get over my nightstand regret any time soon.

So once I’m finished buying the essentials to finish furnishing my new place—a sofa, new curtains, and a living room rug—I’ll be turning my attention to finding a nightstand that I really love. Do you have any favorite sources for nightstands or side tables?