Loaf Around on This IKEA-Inspired Bread Sofa

published Jan 19, 2022
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Credit: FotograFFF

We’ve all been told to never play with our food, but no one said anything about sitting or sleeping on it.

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, in partnership with concept artist Gab Bois, has revealed what might be IKEA’s next popular product: a sofa that resembles a bunch of bread rolls. Given the Swedish-sounding name, LOAFA, it imagines an oversized version of the pastry, with the dinner rolls serving as seats and what looks like hotdog buns as arm- and back- rests.

Sure, it looks weird, but it also looks surprisingly comfy. While it will probably raise eyebrows when your parents come for a visit, it will surely be the life (loaf?) of the party when you have friends over.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t official… yet. The artists are still trying to get IKEA to take their work seriously after the company had issued a dare. 

“So IKEA told me if we get 10,000 comments under this post they will release the ‘Loafa!’ Let’s show them that we need this for real,” said Cash. 

As of writing, the Instagram post already has more than 12,000 comments. IKEA has yet to issue a statement.

The LOAFA isn’t Tommy Cash’s first conceptual work involving bread and home goods. Previously, he collaborated with Maison Margiela to create loafers that look, well, like a couple of bread loaves. If you look closely at the pics above, you’ll even see him wearing the “loaf-ers.”

While you’re waiting for LOAFA to be real, you can snag some other baked home goods, like this lamp made from actual bread, or any of these food-themed decor items.