See How An Unexpected IKEA Item Banishes Kitchen Counter Clutter (Instantly!)

published Apr 4, 2024
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When you’re living in a small space, it’s crucial to get creative with your storage, and sometimes that means using furniture pieces outside of their intended purpose. One Instagrammer user really thought outside the box when it came to cleaning up a corner of her kitchen that felt too cluttered and used an unexpected IKEA item to do it — a computer monitor stand.

“We don’t have much space on our countertops in the kitchen. So I remember seeing this monitor stand at IKEA and I was thinking that that could actually be a good idea,” Instagram user @stacey _ko said in a recent video. “After checking the measurements of that thing, it turned out that it’s a really perfect fit. Not only does it have a perfect hiding spot for our cutting board, but it’s a sanctuary now to our smaller knives and look how nice and clean this looks.”

In the caption, Stacey added, “It’s been over a month since I’ve installed this and I absolutely love it! This is a great hack for [the] kitchen: gives you additional storage, platform for the appliances, and a place to hide a cutting board you regularly use.”

The monitor stand is called ELLOVEN and it comes in both black and white. Stacey was able to find hers secondhand, but you can grab one new for $30 from IKEA.

And people in the comments began building off of Stacey’s original concept. “Omg that could be so perfect to make a cute coffee station!” one person wrote. “Put the coffee pods and spoons in the drawer and the coffee machine and cups up top!!!”

“This is a great way to create extra storage under appliances that take up room!” another person wrote. “The more counter space the better!”

Perfect for your computer, and even more perfect for your knives and appliances! This IKEA hack may be simple, but it also may be one of the smartest IKEA hacks of all time.