The DIY IKEA Table Hack You Have to Try in 2024

published Jan 7, 2024
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A white living room blue piece of art above a green couch and colorful rugs.

IKEA hacks are the bread and butter of DIY home decor, but I’m particularly obsessed with IKEA furniture hacks. They’re a great way to score budget-friendly foundational pieces while also introducing something unique and more elevated to your space (meaning you can avoid looking like you live in an IKEA showroom, but still decorate on the cheap). 

This year, I’m set on making my own IKEA mosaic table, a now-viral project that made me gasp out loud when I first saw it on TikTok. Created by DIY blogger Geneva Vanderzeil, this customizable hack is the perfect way to upgrade the GLADOM tray table (currently on sale for under $20) or the HATTÅSEN bedside table — although you can upcycle any other side table that needs some TLC, too. 

According to Vanderzeil’s tutorial on her blog, you’ll need petal-shaped tiles, mosaic glue, mosaic grout, and a squeegee and sponge kit — plus the table, of course. From there, you’ll want to decide on your tiling pattern. I love the retro floral motifs that Vanderzeil used in her original video, but you can create any design of your choosing, including a grid diamond shape or vine pattern. Consider incorporating different tile shapes, too, like these floral-inspired tiles or mismatched pieces made from broken porcelain pottery. Once you’ve arranged the design, glue everything down, make your grout mixture and coat the entire tabletop with it, and then use the sponge to clean up any residue once it’s dry.

This fun IKEA mosaic DIY easily styles well in any space — I love the idea of transforming it into an outdoor side table for a small patio or balcony, but you can also create a design-forward plant stand (psst: This table makes the best base for that), a colorful living room end table, or a quirky little perch for washcloths and toiletries in your bathroom.