This TikToker Turned an IKEA Hanger into a “Plant Chandelier”

published Apr 12, 2023
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Credit: Kristan Lieb

Are you a plant parent looking to propagate your plants? Then you might want to fit a trip to IKEA into your schedule.

TikTok has become a haven for IKEA DIY hacks, and a new viral video demonstrates how one plant enthusiast used the company’s PRESSA hanging dryer as a makeshift propagation station. The turquoise hanging dryer, which retails for just $7.99, is also foldable and easy to store in between uses.

In the TikTok, content creator Roger (@rogertheplantman) unboxes his PRESSA hanging dryer and, rather than using it for laundry, uses each hook to secure a propagation tube and growing plant cutting.

“New propagation station,” he wrote in the video.

Judging by the video’s popularity, it’s safe to say that these cost-effective hangers could soon become a whole lot more popular in the plant world. Since Roger posted it on April 6, the TikTok has received over 183,500 likes and 2.4 million views.

“I want a plant chandelier!!!!” one TikToker commented, while another joked: “A plant chandelier?! A plantelier!?!”

As one TikTok user pointed out, the hanger could also be repurposed for more than just plant propagation.

“I don’t have plants but this would be great for shots,” they wrote.

For interested newbies, it’s worth noting that there are a few different ways to propagate your plants, from taking cuttings to dividing plantlets from a parent plant. Which mode of propagation you use has to do with what’s best suited to the type of plant you have. For instance, a pothos plant can be propagated with cuttings, whereas the trendy houseplant pilea peperomioides produces its own houseplants.

However you decide to propagate, make sure to research which plants can be toxic for humans and/or pets to consume if you have kids or furry friends in your home. Good luck!