Before and After: This Makeover Comes With a Multi-Purpose IKEA Storage Bed Hack

published Apr 9, 2018
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(Image credit: Erica Massey)

What a nice bedroom! What will it have that’s new? Fresh bedding and/or wall paint? Or perhaps something a bit more dramatic . . . and even dog-friendly?

(Image credit: Erica Massey)

This is so fun! And incredibly practical: additional storage, a nest-like reading/sleeping spot, a large mirror for outfit-evaluating and space embiggening, and a lovely new home for Deacon the dog. This makeover was created by Erica Massey—be sure to check out her Instagram for lots of puppy pics. I love how the classic black-and-white palette has been energized by pops of teal.

(Image credit: Erica Massey)

Here’s how Erica describes her (admirable) bedroom pre-rearrangement:

Before, my bedroom was plain and didn’t utilize the space very well. My closet was overflowing and the dog crate sat awkwardly in the corner and I needed a way to store more clothes.

(Image credit: Erica Massey)

Now everything is so perfectly integrated. Erica added storage and incorporated the crate into the decor while also really opening up the room by placing the bed in the corner. The accessories added are fabulous, but I especially appreciate the little practical touches: the darling stool, the helpful handrail, the reading light, and the additional space for books. The inspiration for this project came from a somewhat unlikely source:

I saw a post on Tumblr from a college student in a dorm who lifted her bed and put a MALM dresser underneath it, and I decided to DIY my own bed frame that would give me drawers on one side, cubbies internally, and enough space for the dog’s crate inside.

Now Deacon has a proper, cozy cave, just like his ancestors would have loved.

(Image credit: Erica Massey)

As if the brilliant bed arrangement wasn’t enough, there’s also an ultra-comfy hammock! This photo also gives us a glimpse of the layered rugs, which add serious snuggliness to a mostly white and concrete room (if you happen to find white and concrete to be cold; I don’t).

Erica shared a few insights about the process:

I made the bed in a weekend, but it took me an additional two weeks to pull together the rest of the decorations and order/install my hammock. The maintenance guys in my building went above and beyond finding a drill bit for concrete and helping me anchor the hammock from the ceiling.

If you live on the 29th floor, bite the bullet and pay for IKEA to deliver your KALLAX and MALM items. Getting them from the parking garage to the elevators to my unit was…interesting.

Good advice indeed! As someone who used to transport IKEA pieces home on the bus and BART, I encourage anyone who can afford to have their stuff delivered to definitely do it.

(Image credit: Erica Massey)

This corner is so incredibly inviting. It makes me want to curl up, preferably with a dog, of course. Fortunately, Erica feels the same:

I love how cozy it is, and I actually enjoy the height. I’ve I’ve always wanted a hammock to read in (I’m a PhD student so reading is kind of my life right now), and a full-length mirror, both of which I have space for now! It also frees up so much space in my closet, and the dog loves his little cave 🙂

This project is so inspiring—if any of you have incorporated your pet’s kennel into your decor and/or furniture, please share!

Thank you, Erica!