Our Best Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Get inspired by dozens of ideas for minimalist bedrooms, with sortable photos of beautiful real bedrooms decorated in a variety of minimalist styles.


Our Editors' Favorite Minimalist Bedrooms Ideas

By now, it's a known fact that clutter can cause anxiety and poor sleep. So, it only makes sense that you'd want to design your bedroom in a way that prevents clutter and keeps chaos at bay. Enter the minimalist bedroom. Minimalist philosophy, which stems from the "less is more" school of thought, is totally of the moment; and we don't foresee that changing any time soon.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism as a design concept is often confused with terms like modern and contemporary, but there are differences between all three. A minimalist space focuses on function and a dramatic reduction of "stuff." While neutral colors are typically used in a minimalist bedroom, adding punches of bright or deep color to the palette can add visual interest.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom

When it comes to minimalism in general, it's more of a mindset or a lifestyle than a design trend. Here are some basic principles:

  • Declutter your space. Start by organizing your closet, and then pare down the rest of your belongings (think old posters, random poufs, and objects you're no longer interested in that are taking up space).
  • Decide what type of vibe you'd like to bring to your minimalist bedroom. While you may picture stark, all-white spaces with sparse furnishings, rest assured that minimalist goes beyond Scandi style.
  • Add color with a feature wall, your favorite plants, or even a cool lamp to add dimension without clutter.
  • Consider adding a few items that give your space a bohemian twist or hang a few pieces of your favorite statement art.
  • The main goal is to avoid excess. And the good news is, this style is especially great for keeping small bedrooms from looking cluttered.
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The owners of this London flat definitely know their way around plants. Their minimal bedroom is stylishly simple, showing off several healthy houseplants throughout the space to add some natural color.
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The hanging trench adds a whimsical touch to this clean, simple Detroit bedroom. The unique arched bed frame makes the space look modern, but still minimalist.
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Against wood panels? Consider the minimalist bedroom in this Scandi-inspired bungalow, which is completely covered with wood panels (yes, they're even on the ceiling) that make the otherwise neutral bedroom stand out.
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The combination of black and white is a powerful way to decorate a minimalist bedroom. This light-filled bedroom has just enough black accents to keep things interesting without looking overdone.
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Incorporating light-colored and natural wood tones is a great way to add a minimalist touch to your bedroom. We love the simple pine bed frame in this Los Angeles bedroom.
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Exposed Wooden Walls. No matter your decor, wooden walls always lend a minimalist vibe. The owners of this Louisiana home opted for a Southwestern theme, which totally works with the white-washed wood.