An Actual Swing Is Just One of the Cool Things in This Industrial Loft

published Feb 28, 2024

An Actual Swing Is Just One of the Cool Things in This Industrial Loft

published Feb 28, 2024
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Sage Schwer recently moved into this home — a 1300-square-foot Jersey City Heights loft — with her boyfriend and their dog, Vito. “It is our first place together so I knew it had to be dreamy,” she writes. “I saw the apartment on Zillow and immediately told my boyfriend we needed it. It has always been my dream to live in an industrial loft space. Tons of room to play, dance, and, of course, decorate.”

All that room is important for Sage, who is the owner of the vintage clothing store Porch Finds, and has “quite a few racks displayed.” Her boyfriend works from home, “so it was important that we have a space for him as well.”

Credit: Sage Schwer
The "PF" is for Sage's vintage store, Porch Finds. The record player is vintage from the 1970s.

“I am a vintage clothing lover and collector and I have always loved to express myself through my clothes and my home. There is something to say about the feeling someone gets when they walk into your home,” Sage begins. “The same way I want my customers to feel confident and fabulous in their outfits when they walk out of my store, I want my guests to feel comfortable and inspired when they walk into my home. I love to see people’s reactions to the space as a whole and then hear their comments as they discover all of my little trinkets and finds.”

“My personal style is a little all over the place when it comes to fashion, and that is no different when it comes to my home. I like a lot of different styles and vibes, but when everything is put together it somehow works. I think I mainly identify with the colors and accessories. I love blue so there is definitely a lot of that. I am drawn to monochromatic looks so when I rearrange my place, I usually put like-colors together to create their own little space. I love interesting pieces that tell a story. And buying items from people who are able to tell me the item’s backstory is my jackpot!”

Credit: Sage Schwer
"The green chair on the left side turns into a stepping stool when you fold it out."

Apartment Therapy Survey

Describe your home’s style in five words or fewer: Eclectic ’70s mid-century modern.

What is your favorite room and why? My favorite room (area) in the house is definitely the living room. I love the comfy couch and all the fun pillows. I always have candles burning and it just feels homey and warm to me. We tried to create somewhat of a conversation pit with poofs to sit on and maximize seating. I love that I can have all of my friends and family over and when it’s just me and my boyfriend, we can both lay out on the couch comfortably. I love the shelves behind it, full of memories, treasures, books, and all the essentials. The yellow tool box doubles as my junk drawer, the 1920s doctor bag gives an antique touch, and the vintage dice roller can be used for game night. My 1970s peacock chair that my boyfriend gifted me is iconic, but no one is allowed to sit on it haha.

Credit: Sage Schwer
All the items in this little fireplace nook with the chairs and poof "have been bought over the years from thrift and vintage shops — some on other sides of the world and country." Sage says she loves Madonna and the poster is an original tour poster.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? Well, let me clarify between buying new and thrifting. Because I want you to be able to pull inspiration. The last thing I bought for my place was a little cherub candelabra and vintage stepping stool with a funny little saying on it. I found it in this small glassware store that was having a blowout sale. I fell in love with it and also bought my best friend a mushroom salt and pepper shaker. The last NEW thing I bought was a wicker basket from Marshalls. I put all of my towels in it and it just makes the bathroom look inviting and spa-like. Kind of like your friend’s house when you were growing up whose mom was always just so on top of it.

What’s your best decorating, shopping, cleaning, or organizing advice? My best advice is to buy what you love. Don’t worry about it looking like a magazine or having everything be the same style. The key is when you put everything together. Where you very consciously place things is what makes up the space. Find items in creative ways; it is all about the story anyway! I have found many items hidden beneath boxes in my basement, Facebook Marketplace, and even on the street. I used to work as a stager for a real estate company and people would give me items all the time. Sometimes they weren’t the perfect match, but it’s always fun to hear a little about where the item came from and what it meant to someone else. Very similarly to vintage shopping and clothes, you’re giving these secondhand items a new life. Make it exciting!

Credit: Sage Schwer
"The swing is such a fabulous add on — everyone loves trying it out and letting their inner child go crazy," admits Sage.


  • Wicker basket — Marshalls
  • Little cherub candelabra — Local glassware store
  • Vintage stepping stool — Local glassware store
  • Couch — Local vintage store
  • Coffee table — Local vintage store
  • Lamp — Street Hunting
  • Peacock chair — Facebook Marketplace
  • Artwork, trinkets, and rug — Thrift shops and my grandparents’ home
  • Kitchen table — Secondhand restore
  • Dining chairs — Urban Outfitters and 1970s found in an old school

Thanks, Sage!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.